Here’s something to bring up at your next Yale reunion


It was one of them,but you might want to cut back on your annual gift until you're sure which

It was one of them,but you might want to cut back on your annual gift until you’re sure which

Who’s your daddy? Instapundit writes,

“Even in modern life, paternity fraud is a problem. In response to an earlier post on this subject, a reader who asks anonymity writes:

I am familiar with a massive ongoing multi-generational genetic study. . . . (Please don’t mention either it or my name.) The participants were predominantly “greatest generation” and their kids’ generation. Middle-class and white a bit more than the general population. It was looking for hereditary cancers (not too common, maybe 10% or so, last time I checked).

But, of course, in the process of all this, they discovered so-called “false paternities”. (Their rules prohibited them from divulging this info to participants.) Anyway, the overall false paternity rate for this bunch from the “Leave it to Beaver demographic” was about 16%.

16%. One in six. In middle America. Not your mom, of course, nor mine, but hey, that’s going to be a lot of data to discuss around the dinner table.

Just thought you might enjoy some numbers!”



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11 responses to “Here’s something to bring up at your next Yale reunion

  1. Anonymous

    Who’s your Daddy

  2. Cos Cobber

    That does explain why so many kids look different than the rest of the family.

  3. Obstetricians run into the same thing all the time when they do genetic testing. Their rule is also to keep their mouths shut or just tell the mother.

    • Cos Cobber

      Ahh…I call that unethical Richard…. Where’s the ‘Men’s right’s movement’ on this one!?! That guy is being duped to be a provider!

  4. housecat

    What, exactly, is the fat guy’s hand doing in that photo??

  5. Mazama

    I could be mistaken but I recall reading many years ago – long before current high tech genetic tests became available – that something like 10% of newborns could not possibly be related to the father claimed on the hospital birth certificate simply based on incompatible blood types.

  6. uminn65

    thus the legal presumption that the husband is the father if he was living with the mother at the time of conception.

  7. Anonymous

    Jackie O was sleeping w/ all three Kennedy bros, probably Peter Lawford too.

    I always thought that JFKjr looked more like Peter Lawford that any Kennedy.

    Some people think the uncertain parentage of Bill Clinton, his mother was a working girl, could have been a Joe Sr.