Back for another try

7 Nawthorne

7 Nawthorne

7 Nawthorne’s back, this time asking $3.395 million instead of its original starting price back in 2012 of $3.750. I’m pleased to see that the new agent has dropped “pre-war” from the description of this 1942 house because most buyers still interpret that term to refer to pre-WW II, not Operation Desert Storm, but it’s still being called a “Georgian Colonial”. I don’t think that word means what they think it means.

Georgian Colonial homes usually have these features:

  • Square, symmetrical shape
  • Paneled front door at center
  • Decorative crown over front door
  • Flattened columns on each side of door
  • Five windows across front
  • Paired chimneys
  • Medium pitched roof
  • Minimal roof overhang

Many Georgian Colonial homes also have:

  • Nine or twelve small window panes in each window sash
  • Dentil molding (square, tooth-like cuts) along the eaves
  • Georgian Colonial

    Georgian Colonial


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3 responses to “Back for another try

  1. Happy to confirm this house is up and out of the Cove’s flood hazard zone. The seller-owner had me perform a flood survey back in 1993, which we recently updated to the new maps and datum.

  2. Fred2

    Oh my, someone calling a RE agent out on their architectural ignorance.

    I love it.

    I swear to god, I think most RE professionals can look at a modern Japanese minivan, and with a straight face, say, “what a lovely 2 seater pre-war british sports car.”

    Funnily, that is more correct that their architectural descriptions.

  3. Anonymous

    The best by far is “second empire” which a favorite of back country listings…..

    FYI – state approved our racial balance plan which means we expand magnet programs at HAM and NL and state pays for construction costs of HAM. No other changes. Should be in tomorrow’s paper.

    Board deserves credit for focusing the plan on academic achievement rather than race…hopefully good result for everyone