And another er, “eclectic” home, but at least this one’s in Havemeyer


4 Robin Place

4 Robin Place

4 Robin Place, a flipsidoodle project asking $2.295 million, is under contract. 1955 home that was almost entirely replaced (a zoning trick? Don’t know), the listing claims 5,000 sq.ft., the applicable FAR allows 4, so look for the missing space below ground.


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10 responses to “And another er, “eclectic” home, but at least this one’s in Havemeyer

  1. BigMike

    Don’t forget the 600 sq. ft garage when trying to add up to 5k.

  2. shoeless

    When was this house last sold? It appears the zillow listing conveniently erases prior transaction history of homes that are presently on the market.

    • That’s not Zillow, that’s the Greenwich Association of Realtors, which no longer gives full histories of house transactions. The tax card shows it was sold for an undisclosed price in 2011, but I can’t take the time to go to Town Hall and work backward from the conveyance tax paid to calculate that number.

  3. Anonymous

    You can always go to to get the data. It appears this was in the same family since 1987 and then sold in 2013. I’m not sure the lack of data on Zillow relates to GMLS.

    I would like to test that theory of erased history. CF – do you have a sample address where history was erased?

  4. Anonymous

    This is equally as ugly as 136 Lockwood!!!

  5. Anonymous

    Some very full sump pumps in the basement of this one when I saw it.