Geeze, the only spam mail I get is from Nigerian bankers’ widows


Real estate agent in training?

Real estate agent in training?

Top millionaires club sues NYC broker for stealing its membership list and spamming them.

The world’s most exclusive private millionaire’s club is suing a local brokerage for allegedly obtaining its notoriously top secret list of members and using it to try to sell a home.

Tiger 21, a powerful social networking group comprised of the world’s most wealthy entrepreneurs, claims Halstead Property broker Dorothy Somekh illegally infiltrated the organization in an effort to find a buyer for a $45 million Upper East Side townhouse once home to screen star-turned-princess Grace Kelly and singer Harry Belafonte.

Somekh’s “pure greed” led her to allegedly pressure an employee of Tiger 21 to supply a confidential list of the group’s ultra-rich members and then spam them with advertisements for the property, for which she had the exclusive listing.

A sale of the property would have netted her a whopping $2.7 million commission.

Hey, it says here she went to Woodstock back in ’69. Maybe she lost her manners there, and never got ’em back?


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4 responses to “Geeze, the only spam mail I get is from Nigerian bankers’ widows

  1. Accolay

    Won’t be the only thing a lot of people lost at Woodstock…

  2. Monody

    Don’t you just love it when they write their own About Me page. From what she says about herself, she’s next to receive sainthood.

    “Over the years Dorothy has embraced and excelled in all of her endeavors thanks to a natural drive to lead and an innate desire to make a difference. Initially trained as a special education teacher, Dorothy realized her passion for people, penchant for service and savvy for business early on.”