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Eat this, sucker!

Eat this, sucker!

Daily Caller: How to modify your (diesel) pickup to roll coal.

The latest craze among pickup drivers is to “roll coal” – smother in black, sooty clouds of exhaust – on Priuses and other weenie cars. The Daily Caller provides instructions on how to do it. The process is way too complicated for this simpleton (and besides, I don’t own a diesel) but it’s a tribute to American knowhow that so many in our heartland have figured it out.


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  1. Al Dente

    I wonder if there’s a way to do that with farts?

  2. Inagua

    OT – I’ll tell you some good news. Guided missiles aimed at the US are probably obsolete. The success of the Israeli mini-SDI program Iron Dome strongly suggests that ICBMs might not be able to reach us without being shot down first. What Teddy Kennedy in 1983 said was unworkable and mocked as Stars Wars is working today in Israel. This is very, very good news.

    • Riverslide

      I don’t think Iron Dome is stopping ballistic missiles or cruise missiles, which was the Star Wars goal. I think the Palestinians are firing only simple rockets (that arch up, yet don’t go into space) and are presumably easier to stop. (But yeah, Ted Kennedy was part clown, part sadist.)

    • towny

      90% interception against Hamas homemades is a promising result for Israel. If they were up against nukes fired from Pakistan, Israel would be glass.

  3. Fred

    Roilling coal…as I wrote somewhere else, it’s stupid, childish, uselessly polluting, and marginally dangerous, and I think a lot of Prius and other economy cars are being unfairly maligned…. but I SO get get the impulse of raise the big smokey finger to busy body, intrusive nanny state and it’s minions.

    Also, if it gets me a girl like the young lady reclining in lingerie on the hood of one of those pickups, I’ll roll coal ALL DAY. 🙂

  4. Inagua

    “simple rockets (that arch up, yet don’t go into space) and are presumably easier to stop…”

    I assumed (perhaps incorrectly) that small, short range rockets with short flight times were much more difficult to lock onto than large, long range missiles with long flight times.

    • Fred

      I think the difference is more that ICBM’s come in *REALLY* fast, ( so they are already very tough, and heat and shock resistant) and that they have stuff like multiple warheads that split up in the descent phase ( and decoy warheads) that make hitting them a lot more challenging.

      Also nuclear, so if you knock it off course, its not necessarily much better. if you miss by a mile+, for most targets and warheads that’s still a solid kill for all useful purposes.

      Also Cruise missiles, so you have them coming from on high and low in the clutter.

  5. Fred2


    How about taking a Prius, putting huge pipes on it, and inject motor oil into the exhaust just after the motor, maybe with small air injector to get the right air/fuel mixture to “roll coal” out of the Prius.

    That would get you serious cred.