Price cut on Lake Avenue


749 Lake Avenue

749 Lake Avenue

749 Lake, from $10.5 million to $9.250. It’s a superbly built, beautiful home by Kaali-Nagy, but when I toured it on its first broker open house, many agents struggled to discern the difference between it and the other Kaali-Nagy house next door at 751, also 10,000 sq. ft., that had just sold for $7.850. Apparently, buyers are having the same difficulty.


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9 responses to “Price cut on Lake Avenue

  1. Toonces

    well, was 751 listed by Ogilvy? (no snark intended)

  2. Toonces

    looks gorgeous by the way.

  3. Monody

    No one has thrown a high $7 offer to see if it sticks? I’d try, especially since next door sold for that. The worst they can say is no. For $8+, do you get a pool or only a pool approved site?

  4. Anon

    Another Ogilvy listing up the street at 895 Lake has a pool for only $11 million.

  5. Anonymous

    why no interior photos