Speaking of triceratops …

AxelleL’Oreal fires Belgian girl/model because of outrage caused by her posting a shot of her posing next to an animal she shot and saying, “ready to hunt Americans”. As you might guess (I did), the outrage came from animal lovers – no one seems the least concerned with her hatred towards us.

We’d better maintain our armed forces because we sure as hell can’t expect anyone to come to our aid. On the other hand, we could, and probably should, significantly cut any expenses incurred for protecting Europeans from themselves.


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9 responses to “Speaking of triceratops …

  1. Anonymous

    Belgians in the Congo ….

    Retards in the press and the animal rights movements….

  2. Mazama

    L’Oreal has fired her (cute) a-s: “After feeling the heat from fans, Axelle apologized in the comments section of her post, saying “i didn’t mean to offend anyone..it was a joke.”

    L’Oreal isn’t laughing.

    The beauty giant tells The Independent that Axelle’s contract has been “completed.”

    Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/loreal-fires-model-axelle-despiegelaere-after-hunting-photo-2014-7#ixzz37BRkdPGU

  3. Al Dente

    Maintain the military? American soldiers all over the world are getting pink slips. And others are getting terminated.

    We’re doomed. Doomed I tell you!

  4. Anonymous

    It was a stupid soccer joke. Lighten up.

  5. Anonymous

    Come on Chris. They were about to play us in soccer! You should have gotten the ironic comment. Anyway, given her combination of looks and love of guns I would think she is your ideal daughter-in-law!

  6. She’s about as good looking as every fifth girl I see walking down the street.