There’s just no stopping it, with the present cast of characters in office


Start with Tesei

Start with Tesei

Byram pool project resurfaces and is headed for our wallets.

First Selectman Peter Tesei said he expected the municipal improvement vote to be unanimous in favor of the project.

“It accommodates the needs of a very diverse population that ranges from seniors to young children,” he said. “I think it will be greatly beneficial to the residents of Greenwich and certainly enhance the overall park experience.”


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50 responses to “There’s just no stopping it, with the present cast of characters in office

  1. LAK

    Speaking of wallets, I did some damage today on the Avenue.

  2. Anonymous

    Long overdue project. The current pool allows only 40 entries. Once 40 have entered, the rest wait in line for someone to leave.

    • The pool exists as a fluke – it was a residential pool, and we kept it when we bought the mansion and its lands to expand Byram Park. It’s long past its shelf life and we should accept that, fill it, and move on; the kids can go swim at their country clubs.

      • Crazy Cat Lady

        Obnoxious! Utterly ridiculous. Most people do not belong to clubs. If that site does not work, then fill it in and build a pool and recreational complex somewhere else. Like Greenwich Point. And while we are on the subject, the Point also needs a decent playground for kids too. Put it all in one spot, with ample parking and charge a decent daily fee for usage to cover maintenance and repairs and insurance. This town becomes ridiculously Puritanical when it comes to spending on good basic quality of life needs. Raise private monies, if necessary. Charge the daily fees. I would happily contribute. Way more necessary and usable and people friendly than the Innis Arden Cottage or some Historical Society projects.

        • Walt

          Are you really a crazy cat lady? Do you have like 40 cats that shit and piss all over your house? And you hoard stuff? And save your piss in bottles? And put the dead cats in the freezer? If so, can I buy you lunch? MY TREAT!! I have some questions I would like to ask you.

          Anyhows, CCL, why would you build a pool at Greenwich Point? YOU HAVE THE WATER RIGHT THERE!! YOU DON’T NEED A POOL!! Talk about a waste of money.

          A pool is a basic quality of life need? TAKE THE SILVER SPOON OUT OF YOUR KITTY LITTLE ASS!! And cat’s don’t even like water. They are nasty, vile little fur coated vermin eaters. The only reason to build a pool is to drown them. They are evil creatures. Hitler should have gone after the cats, instead of the Jews. Then he would have been a hero.

          But I have a pool. Want to come over for a swim? So we can resolve this? Bring a pillow case.

  3. Anonymous

    We will have the most expensive high school auditorium in history next we will have the most expensive swimming pool in history. A 7 million swimming pool. OMG. Give us taxpayers a break.

  4. Don’t be surprised people… This pool was cost millions. It will go over budget and contaminated fill will need to addressed.

  5. Anonymous

    It’s not just the cost of the pool, but maintaining it…

    • Linwood

      We have the best tax rate in the state, suck this one up. It’s good for everyone.

      • Crazy Cat Lady

        I completely agree. It is good for everyone, good for morale, good for our beautiful landscapes, good for attracting young families to our town and buying homes, good for our expanding waistlines, good for our reputation, just plain good. Charge appropriate daily fees to cover costs. It works in MANY other towns in this country. Make it work here too.

  6. How many flyballs will the kiddie pool be able to accomodate?
    Lawyer dreamland.

  7. greenwich dude

    a commenter above made a joke about pool cost – is there an actual budget proposal with a real number attached at this point?

  8. Greenwich Taxpayer

    This pool should not be built. We are spending tons of money for at most two months worth of use. While the Junior league claims it will raise the $7.5 million they have yet to do so claiming all type of excuses (latest they need MI approval). We have great beaches and money should be spent on INFRASTRUCTURE TO AVOID CLOSING BYRAM BEACH EVERY TIME IT RAINS. As to the argument that there are all these poor kiddies that can’t get to Island Beach or Tods Point, they will have same problem getting to Byram Beach. It’s another example of someone (Lin Lavery) pushing a project that has no business being built and Peter Tesei not being able to JUST SAY NO!

  9. Anonymous

    Agree with you Chris….on all of it. The lack of fiscal responsibility and leadership is sorely lacking by the BOS. Where was the discussion by the BOS on all the various serious issues – overall construction costs, priority over other essential projects, sufficient parking, rock blasting, border control of non Greenwich residents, contamination, ongoing maintenance costs….etc.

    Tesei with such a large election vote had the chance to use that “goodwill” to get some important stuff done.

    [How about just completing the massive GHS soil contamination effort that still has no final price tag? ]

    Nope, he caves to whatever group happens to come last into his office. There is absolutely no rational process to the capital projects. I hope at the next election—be it Democrat, Republican, or Independent we get someone who can lead for the Greater Good and have a rational, thoughtful process for prioritization of spending.

  10. Ghost of the FAR Czar

    And wait until the price tag comes out from the study for improvements at New Lebanon. Yes the state might cover 80% of the cost, and yes there is a true need, but the BOE sacrificed years of capital improvements for every other school building in town at the altar of MISA. But it doesn’t seem to matter since no one can say no to a project and its advocacy group.

    • Greenwich Taxpayer

      The state will NOT cover 80% of New Leb school. That is a fallacy that has been constantly stated by Leslie Moriarty, the BOE and PTAC crowd. We will recoup at most 30%. There is a formula that includes the wealth of the community among other things. They should stop the lies. Why don’t you ask the BOE how much we got back on Glenville and Ham Ave Schools. Bet a $100 it wasn’t 80%!

  11. Anonymous

    Tesei has no backbone! Or common sense! The insurance costs alone will be astronomical! Enough! Geeezzz.

  12. Anonymous

    I like the timing of the BOS meeting—half the residents are out of town on vacation. You can’t say Tesei doesn’t know how to get things done.

    • Thank you Peter Tesei. Jim Lash sometime had BOS so more people could attend. No reactive Peter Tesei.

      Just like not including the public at the BOS synagogue debate. Why, because he can hide. He plans on bulling the board of appeals into changing their decision so the synagogue can be built.

      Have the BOS next weeks meeting with P&Z in public.

  13. Pure Fluff

    I love the smell of stupidity in the morning…it tastes like “Greenwich”. Seriously if ever there was a giant boondoggle in the pipeline, this is it. Just imagine the massive fat cat deals with their buddy contractors, slip and fall suits, anti-discrimination law suits from the hordes of illegals in Byram, this has to be the worst idea floated in generations (Oh wait, I forgot about the high school auditorium, hahahha). All of the doogooders will probably be long gone by the time the weight of this fiasco is felt by the town and its taxpayers.

    On bright side, it will probably be 15-20 years before it is opened.

  14. Anonymous

    Should it be determined whether or not a new school needs to be built on the western side of town before starting on a 10 million dollar pool?

  15. Crazy Cat Lady

    This is a very interesting discussion. I personally have lived in Greenwich for 25 years and I think it would be a terrific idea to have a beautiful community pool and recreational complex. It does cost money. Maybe this is not the exact moment in history to build it. But I think that it should be designed and included in some kind of ongoing town planning. I was always amazed that our town does not have one single (decent) public swimming pool. Where I come from, they are designed and built as part of any expansion of residential development, or as part of the town infrastructure. There is a daily admittance and usage fee charged to each guest. Usually $2-5 per person per day. Just like Greenwich Point!! And you can buy monthly or seasonal passes too. There are usually decent bathroom facilities and a small concession for candy, pretzels, drinks, popsicles. I am sure there is a profit center on the concessions too. No doubt, there are maintenance and high insurance costs, but surely the daily fees can cover most/all of those. I asked a local long time resident once when we first moved here why there were no community pools. She replied without skipping a beat, that “everyone just goes to their clubs anyway”!!! REALLY?? You can imagine how annoyed, frustrated and insulted I was at that comment, as a new young family in town with young kids that just wanted a nice place to swim on a hot day!! There is great value to having beautiful town recreational facilities for everyone to use and enjoy. Yes, Greenwich Point is nice and a wonderful thing to have. It is not the best way to learn to swim, or manage small children, and it often is contaminated and closed due to rain/sewage runoff. UGH. The water is also cold most of the summer season. I would vote for a decent pool complex. I would also donate to the cause.

    • Just like this lady in Austin, TX

      “I’m at the breaking point.

      It’s not because I don’t like paying taxes.

      I have voted for every park, every library, all the school improvements, for light rail, for anything that will make this city better.

      But now I can’t afford to live here anymore. I’ll protest my appraisal notice, but that’s not enough. Someone needs to step in and address the big picture.”

    • Riverside Dog Walker

      While I think you have a good point about the town lacking a decent public pool, no capital and labor intensive thing like a municipal swimming pool, public train or bus line, or most airports, can be fully funded by usage fees. They are ALWAYS subsidized by taxes to make up the operating shortfall, which is substantial.

      I suspect that most people including myself don’t object in principle to a new public pool, but we have seen over and over again that our town government bodies overseeing such projects are somewhere between incompetent and criminally derelict in the approval, design, and management. The Hamilton Avenue school reconstruction and MISA are two good examples but by no means the only examples.

    • Anonymous

      I bet you came from a land-locked area where a pool was the only swimming available.

      Swim in the sound crazy Cambridge cat lady …. Oh, I forgot, cats don’t like water

  16. TheBox

    It’s only 5.5′ deep? How weak is that? When I was a kid my dad used to take us to the deep end (12′ I think) of the pool at SSC and throw quarters in, my brother and I would dive in and race each other to the bottom to retrieve them.

    What kind of fun can you have in a 5.5′ deep pool?

  17. Anonymous

    For those who think there is little to worry about it in maintenance cost issues:

    Wow…..revenue down, costs up in LAND LOCKED New Canaan.

    Yes, Tesei, lets green light this dastardly project with no caution to the wind.

    • LAK

      As soon as New Canaan announced they were opening pool to “outsiders”, residents were against it. No wonder.

  18. Forgot the pool people… Did anyone read GT article a couple of days ago about the Greenwich Police Captain who filed discrimination complaint. She alleges in the report ( GT has play by play ) of cops pissing in her trash can. Tampons being left on her computer key board, allegations of violence etc etc. . Its a must read for Walt. The Chief does nothing. And that’s probably because he’s walking in parades, obsessing about fire department business and has a hard on for the harbor master.

    Chris … You gotta link this.

  19. Anonymous

    We don’t need an effing pool. We have a very large pool available at Byram Beach and Tods Pt – it’s called LI Sound. For the wuss who said it is too cold, man-up bitch.

    I bet you like your pools heated, you spoiled brat.

    • Anonymous

      There are also pools at Greenwich high school and the boys and girls club which are available to all

    • Wow, the vitriol and name calling. How OLD are you? I am just stating a reasonable case for a needed public recreational facility. MANY towns and cities in this country have them. Somehow they finance them. Greenwich is a large wealthy town….surely we can make this work somehow for the health, beauty and enjoyment of our citizens. LI Sound is a sewer. I don’t think that one cancels the need for the other. And yes I do like my pool warmer than 68 degrees. It works better for children learning to swim too. And the recreational pool complexes are used for kids’ swimming lessons (PAID source of revenue), dive teams, senior swim classes (they need WARM water), paid private functions, and other town functions. Seems like it could be a GOOD thing.

      • Greenwich Taxpayer

        All for 2 months of use? By the way LI Sound is warm in the summer. Island Beach is great for seniors and juniors alike. The pool is a ridiculous idea that will be built because no one (public,T, RTM, Selectmen, P&Z etc) will mount a vocal objecting to this dumb idea. (And Sicliano gets a brand new park to expand his empire with facilities that won’t get cleaned, like the other parks.)

        • I think your last point is one I haven’t seen addressed, and should be. The deterioration of Binney Park is truly sad, and Bruce Park is only being improved by the generosity of Ray Daglio (sp). We to only can’t maintain what we have, we’ve ceded control of our parks to the fiefdom of Siciliano – did you note why Binney Park pond hasn’t been dredged? Because the RTM hasn’t funded it as a “capital improvement” (which it isn’t), and as our First Selectman confessed, it wasn’t put in the park’s maintenance budget “because they would just spend the money on something else”. No shit. A real executive – hell, a dumb blogger – would haul a defiant department head like that to his office and defenestrate him. Not our boy Peter.

      • Anonymous

        Crazy Cat….did you miss the memo above on the enormous cost to maintain pools? Name me the park in Town that you feel is currently wonderfully maintained? Do you think the Junior League is offering to pay for the maintenance? Do you think membership will cover the costs (again see New Canaan posts). I agree this Town has a ton of resources—I suggest you do us all a favor and find out where all that spending is going……because as Maggie Thatcher said so well, you can spend the money until eventually there is no more money.

        • I posted here some time ago (link must be out there somewhere) that Fairfield, with the same population – 60,000 – has a budget half the size of ours. Last time I was up there, it looked like a very pleasant, well maintained town. Other than incompetence and nepotism, what are we spending our money on?

      • greenwich dude

        umm – when you write “needed” I assume but do not know that you mean “necessary”
        and i suggest you consult OED on the word “necessary” and reflect on that definition w/r/t public pool in by ram

        ps – LI Sound is lovely. if it ain’t, let’s donate the money to fixing THAT

  20. Anonymous

    Totally on point Chris. I guess Tesei doesn’t get re-elected by properly maintaining existing heavy used parks—nope you gotta build NEW ones in out of the way locations with splashy ribbon cutting ceremonies. Hence, we will be getting very soon the shiny new Cos Cob Park. Shiny because of the all the contaminated crap from the former power plant that is underneath for all the kiddos to play on.

    Lets face it, this Town has relied on rich donors to create the many beautiful parks like Binney and Bruce. And, its horribly pathetic that even with these incredible large donations the Town with its enormously bloated personnel has been unable to maintain them to the standards intended by the donors.

    Didn’t the Town’s last budget come in at $450-$500 million for a mere 61,000 residents? Its simply hard to believe the inefficiency and ineffectiveness of all that spending. Which goes back to your orginal headline—with the current folks at Town Hall—I certainly dont expect any better.

  21. Anonymous

    I swim in LI Sound every week. Very nice. It gets flushed twice a day with the tides.