Un petit-déjeuner will be served on white tablecloths, just in case need should arise


I am Garcon, and I will be your waiter this morning

I, Pepe le Pew shall be your waiter this morning

Francophiles and toadies (Peter Tesei, for one) will celebrate Bastille Day in Greenwich this Monday, to honor the barbarians who founded the Reign of Terror.  After a lusty rendition of the communist anthem, celebrants will repair to Versailles on the avenue to enjoy some whine and cheese.


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12 responses to “Un petit-déjeuner will be served on white tablecloths, just in case need should arise

  1. Once Barry and the Progressives are done destroying my father’s America, there’ll be little reason for me not to move to France. Ever been there? Other than the French, there’s very little not to like.

  2. Walt

    Dude –
    Are you shitting me? This is really a link to the Onion, right?

    We are going to honor the Frog’s? WHY? ON TAX PAYER DOLLARS!! Pepé Le Pew!!

    These cheese eating surrender monkeys are totally self-focused FACISTS!! They care about NO ONE, other than themselves. Tell me one good thing about the frogs? Besides the baguette, which I do like, but I think they stole that from the Wop’s. Or maybe the Jews. It is just a stretched out, overcooked straight bagel.

    Anyhows, the Frog’s retreated faster than the WOP army during WWII. THEY GAVE UP!! WE HAD TO SAVE THEIR WATER TIGHT FROGGY LITTLE ASSES!! And do they thank us? NO!!

    They are cultural snobs, yet their greatest “artist”, Picasso, drew stick figured faces with one eyed faces and sideways noses. HE BLEW!! A TWO YEAR OLD COULD DO BETTER!! We had Jackson FRIGGING POLLACK!! And he could bowl !!

    So I find this despicable, offensive, effete, and reprehensible.

    But is this really going on? Will there be any hairy arm pitted frog chicks there? Do you want to go? Because I know you like that.

    Your Pal,

  3. Mickster

    Aahh,….looking forward to my St Barth trip in a few weeks….un peu de vin, serveur, s’il vous plaît? Merci..
    Isn’t France where you Heugies came from originally…….Monsieur Fountain(bleau)?

    • They slaughtered all but two of us and stole our land. Irish- English situation and like the Irish, we (I) see no need to release the grudge, when it’s only 450 years old.

      • Mickster

        Understood perfectly.

      • Fred2

        Hey, the Huguenots had their revenge, the British, German, and Dutch ( and Imperial Russian) Officer corps and civil services of the grand alliance against Napoleon ( and before that of the wars against the various Louis’s) was heavily staffed with naturalized Huguenots. Whom it is said had very little sympathy towards the French Empire. And whom with their skills and industriousness had set off economic booms where ever they ended up.

        To the point where some loyal pratriotic Frenchmen suggested that the worst thing Royal France ever did was persecute the Huguenots, one suggested they should have been told to leave for New France ( then the entire Missisippi valley and Greater Quebec and the southern Maritimes, where they were about <50,000 French) and ignore them. Contrafactually, a couple of 100,000 French protestants would have meant a really powerful New France that might have boxed the 13 colonies into the coast. It'd make a good Alt-history universe.

  4. Irish-French Connection:

  5. Lauren

    Picasso was of Spanish descent.

  6. Fred2

    On topic, I was recently in France and remarked on all the damage done to France ( ancient abbeys sacked, cultural treasures burned, melted down) by the French revolution, etc… It’s enough to make one a counter revolutionary hard-case.