As Atlantic City goes, so too goes Hartford’s budget


Say goodnight, Donald

Say goodnight, Donald

Trump Casino Atlantic City to shut down this September, joining three other casinos that have failed. Dividing a fixed pie, and the gambling population is just such a static entity, into ever-smaller slices will make no one rich, yet every state seems determined to try it. Here in Connecticut, we seem to have made no budget preparations for the slow decline of the two casinos that prop up our spending even as neighboring states move closer to starting their own. “There’s always Greenwich” is not a long term, viable strategy, but it’s all they’ve got.


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14 responses to “As Atlantic City goes, so too goes Hartford’s budget

  1. Reagan honored our heritage by recognizing 2 Tribes as Countries, as did our ancestors.
    Land used by tribes that they did not transfer honorably to our forebears exist… smidges by casinos.
    Suethemall undercut land ownership basics and continues to.
    Tribes agreed to allow a portion of income to be taxed with Weicker.
    Since the Reagan years the only non Wall Street Casino jobs created in the State eminate from proud SouthEast (for now CT) tribes and Clinton created Middle East wars blamed on both Bush heros.
    Without Greenwich winners, Tribal hires and Democratic bungling employment rate would be ……?
    Monica Perot should be name of offspring of offspring of Silly & Shillary.

  2. Anonymous

    Mossberg of North Haven, CT is expanding its Eagle Pass, TX plant again, this time by 150,000 square feet. No expansion in CT.

    Not to worry about the taxbase, there’s always Greenwich.

  3. Artie

    I was in Atlantic City a few weeks ago and stayed at this Trump Dump. I actually said to someone, “If Donald Trump ever comes to this place, he’s going to shut it down.”

    The entire town is in bad shape. It’s too bad – they keep throwing money at the place, and nothing good happens. Where have we seen that before?

    • Anonymous

      PA and Delaware have opened dozens of casinos in the last five years. Why would someone from either of those states travel to the dangerous ghetto shithole of Atlantic City to lose their money when they can do it 15 minutes from their house? They stopped going to AC. Shockingly, this resulted in a plunge in AC gambling revenues and profits.

      Then Christie and the politician bozos passed online gambling in New Jersey. You can go into debt by gambling away money you don’t have in the comfort of your own living room. Why take your life into your hands by entering the Atlantic City kill zone to lose your welfare paycheck? Shockingly, this has resulted in even less revenue for the gambling meccas in AC.

  4. Anonymous

    AC sucks. Been to the Borgata a couple of times. Yawn. It’s nice, but it’s in Atlantic City. Therein lies the problem….

  5. Anonymous

    I blame the demise of AC on Trump. Or Al Gore.

  6. Good point about the dwindling revenues from Conn.’s two casinos. I saw a report about slot revenue for May (the part that is shared with the state) which seemed to me to be about a quarter of what it used to be. Mohegan and Foxwoods are both losing customers to other states and like someone said about N.J.: why drive a couple of hours when I can drive fifteen minutes for the same thing. Both properties will always do some business but the glory days are long past.

  7. Anonymous

    Trump should write a new book: “The Art of the Bankruptcy,” with subtitle, “How I Shaft my Creditors Without Personal Consequence Every 10 Years Or So.”

  8. Riverslide

    Great to see AC suffering for its dependence on gambling and for its high crime.