Bob A – worried yet?


The penalty for treason is death. On the other hand, give me liberty or give me death. Liberals like the first one.

“The penalty for treason is death.”  On the other hand, “give me liberty or give me death.”  Liberals like the first one.

Obama sics Justice Department on Omaha man who entered a float in his local Independence Day parade mocking the president.

When the government of the United States sends a Department of Justice official to investigate a political protest, that official carries with him the not-so-veiled threat of bringing the full weight of the federal government down on an offender. This year, it’s any criticism of the president because he’s half-black, and a protest against his policies can be construed as an act of racism, punishable by U.S. law. The next president could very well be a woman, and any criticism of her will be declared an illegal act of sexual discrimination. Eventually, any criticism of any political figure will be punished as a crime, and the liberals who cheered on this loss of liberty will look around, bewildered, and wonder why.


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  1. Monody

    This is a surprise from the most racist Justice department ever? Nope. This man will also find he’s getting audited and will have his personal info on all NSA files. I wish some lawyer would jump to his rescue and tell the Obama administration to go eff itself.

  2. Monody

    Maybe Cobra or Chris R can find it and post it but there’s a great rendition of the Redskins logo called the Thinskins, with Obama’s likeness as the face.

  3. Anonymous

    Be careful Chris. By propagating this, you could be next.

    • A man is best measured by his enemies. …not “friends”.
      Ohhh I could get in trouble…..
      A person is best measured after a taxpayer funded analysis of that demographic entity item.
      Chris is the opposite of an enemy for me regardless of PC Bible interpretation results.

  4. talk about being anonymous

    Further evidence that the parade float got under Obama’s thin skin; Look at this appalling sentence from a WSJ article.

    Nebraska’s governor says 200 children who entered the country illegally were sent to his state this week without warning and that federal officials are refusing to identify them or their locations.

  5. Babylon Sister

    How much further does the government need to slide in first-amendment desecration for the average joe to notice and grow concerned?

    What’s the sequence of escalation following IRS/DOJ targeting… Imprisonment? Flogging? Execution? Condemnation to a North-Korean-Style concentration camp?

    Curious how all the “Dissent is Patriotic” bumper stickers have seemingly disappeared since GW Bush left office

  6. Walt

    Dude –
    You know what Dude? NO YOU DON’T!!

    We make fun of this, but this is some serious shit. The government is trying to silence free speech. It already controls what the MSM says. It uses the IRS and DOJ to move forward its agenda, despite what the people think. The Government WE PAY FOR has now become a weapon against us.

    They want to control what we wear, what we say, and what we think and believe. That doesn’t bother anyone? You disgusting little lemmings.

    We are all becoming a slant eyed, know nothing, do as you are told, black pajama wearing country of COMMIES!!

    THAT SHOULD CONCERN PEOPLE!! Your freedom is being diminished EVERY DAY!! No guns. No free speech. A government for itself, not for the people. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?

    Anyhows, you want to have brunch tomorrow?
    Your Pal,

    • Libertarian Advocate

      It only controls what the MSM says because the disgusting mealy mouthed chicken shits who fancy themselves as “Journalists” in the tradition of Woodward & Bernstein are anything but. In fact they are little more than scribes for a wholly corrupted media complex. Scared little cogs in the machine.

      Can’t criticize Obama because that would be racist. That sure makes for good cover for the real racists doesn’t it? If one can’t criticize a black man for the same sound reasons as one would properly criticize a man or woman of any other race, doesn’t that in fact send the implicit message that blacks are not as capable or qualified as people of other racial backgrounds? Ugh seems like I just opened a nasty can of worms. Fact is that Obama is a catastrophically unqualified fuck-up. Not because he is black, but because he is a leftist/progressive. The Left knows it and is in an existential panic.

  7. Peg

    Rush has said that as long as Obama has black skin – he can basically get away with almost anything he likes. And – I think Rush is right.

    But perplexing to me that so many lefties can be so utterly blind to the fact that ONE DAY they may not be in power. And – if the same rules are applied to THEM that are being used (abused?) now – they ain’t gonna like it.

    Unfortunately, however, logic skills seem quite wanting on the left. So – they Do Not Get It.

    • The problem is not lack of vision, Peg, it’s lack of principle.

      • Peg

        Chris – you are correct, I am sure, for many. Still – I find many liberals have a tough time with good reasoning – seriously. So – they just cannot follow the point that when the Other Side is in power – they may not like the rules this way. Not sure exactly why this is the case (poor logic ability) – but my experience is it is far more true of those on the left than on the right.

  8. Publius

    A better brain teaser than intelligent life: ” Who has thinner skin, POTUS or the AG?”

  9. Peg

    If you want some real serious s*&t, check out various articles at the New York Times on these topics – and then read the comments. Absolutely frightening to me how many on the left are in total lockstep with what this Destroyer of Our Constitution is doing.

    I used to wonder how the Holocaust ever happened. Reading the NYTimes comments, I get a sense of it all. And NO – I am not equating the Holocaust with what’s going on here in the U.S. It is,however, a path – and a path that needs to be stopped.

  10. holder gonna investigate these dudes?

    amazing to see angry blacks against obama. however, imho, they aren’t angry for the right reasons – they are angry that the money being designated to pay for new illegals should belong singularly to them. when it was your money and mine given to the poor blacks, that was okay. now, that blacks are on the short end of the giving, they all of a sudden don’t like their main black man barack.

    the video sure doesn’t speak too well for education in chicago – grammar, what’s that? words uttered to be understood, not.

    • It’s a zero sum game when you’re dependent on other people’s money: anything given to someone else means less for you. Unless, of course, you grw the pie, either by being more productive or – the welfare way, taking more from those who have it. Bound to lead to acrimony.