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She's no enemy of MY people

She’s no enemy of MY people

San Francisco Giants will ban “culturally insensitive” clothing in its stadium. And who will define “culturally insensitive”? An all-knowing authority, naturally, guided by self-described victims and absolutely guaranteed to err on the side of “if it spares just one child’s sensitivities” bans.

This whole PC crap has always been ridiculous but it’s growing like a cancer, from “trigger words” giving one sensitive soul the power to ban books on her campus to, of course, forcing the Washington Redskins to change their name.

Just today, a reader of this blog chastised me for using the word “church” to refer to a synagogue because, according to her, it triggered dark memories of the Spanish Inquisition and the wicked deeds of the Catholic Church back then. Well boo fucking hoo, lady. There are some Jews who object to the word synagogue and prefer temple instead. Who wins that one? And I promise you that we can dig up some Palestinians who not only object to the term synagogue or temple, but because of their own memories, object to the very existence of Jews anywhere on earth. Whacha gonna do about that?

On the other hand ...

On the other hand …

Get along, go along, or shut up. It’s the American way, or used to be.


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4 responses to “It continues

  1. Mickster

    Would any of these be acceptable?

  2. kc

    Since, as far as I can tell, we have all, at some time or another, been offended, insulted or bruised in some way, I’m trying to understand how we can continue communicating with each other using these stringent, new age standards and “trigger” alerts. Should you dare to say a word to someone before you have a complete psychological profile? Are they still carrying some baggage of their ancestors from centuries before? Will an otherwise benign reference fill your listener with regret, shame or misery? Why take the chance? Say nothing ever and spare your listener’s feelings no matter what frightens or disturbs them. They will thank you for it. Avoid your own fears by screaming “Trigger Alert” if the conversation gets a little too threatening. And, by the way, lots of kids think that Giants are kind of scary, maybe they really ought to rethink that name.

  3. housecat

    Something tells me the reader has not actually experienced, for themselves, the kind of soul-crushing trauma one needs experience to truthfully be considered a “victim”. How lucky for her. For the rest of us, we usually don’t bother to give a flying fuck about such minutiae. It tends to be the actually offensive shit (9-11 victim blaming or Holocaust-denying, par example) that *REALLY* gets our blood boiling. But, hey – what the F would I know.

  4. Fred2

    Culturally insensitive clothing…. wow. So now will all have to wear to a nice hat and jacket and tie to the games, in a sober colors ( if you are guy) and a nice long skirt etc.. for women? I mean, anything would be disrespecting the nice young men playing and the people who invented the game, right? Also, good grammar.

    I’d have _so_ _much_ _fun_ enforcing this.

    Wait, that’s not what they meant?