These days, it can be hard to tell



Hard on the heels of the Stephen Spielberg Triceratops hunting poster come two more marvelously successful hoaxes. 1. Penelope the missing pregnant tarantula on Park Slope was just in fun, (“I never expected it to blow up,” [the joker told the NYT]. …  I actually didn’t know how to spell tarantula. I had to Google that.”;


2. New York State is not requiring lawn mower owners to register them and undergo an annual inspection, nor wear OSHA approved ear muffs, helmets and shoes when operating them, though one official is still worried:

Chautauqua County Clerk Larry Barmore says he could see how oft-taxed New Yorkers could fall for the hoax and says he hopes it “didn’t give anyone any ideas.”

Thanks to the internet, great minds can reach millions in minutes. It’s a wonderful thing.


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3 responses to “These days, it can be hard to tell

  1. TheBox

    The lawnmower hoax is great because it is sadly believable.

  2. kc

    Mr. Barmore may hope that it won’t give anyone ideas but I’d be surprised if someone out there hadn’t already come up with the “ideas” on his or her own.

  3. uminn65

    think of the requirement to register your central alarm system and pay an annual fee — and — have a licensed plumber inspect your irrigation sysem every year. or stripping before getting on an airplane.