Get them when they’re young

Here’s a Toyota employee indoctrinating public school kids in the virtues of the Toyota Prius and the necessity to collaborate “very few inventions are come up with by people working alone – that’s just not how it works”, the chirpy flack tells the kids.


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8 responses to “Get them when they’re young

  1. housecat

    Hey, the atomic bomb was invented by a team, too!

  2. Anonymous

    nice rack

  3. Babylon Sister

    Somebody once told me that a moose is a cow designed by a committee.

    Search the parks in all your cities
    You’ll find no statues of committees
    – David Ogilvy

  4. Anonymous

    i’d say, “yo teach, how come you able to drive a fancy pree-us when you makin’ about the cost of the car per year? oh i see, you got a fancy rich boyfriend who likes to go motorboatin’, meanwhile you go all feel good jibber jabber eco-nonsense on us. ‘cuz if you got all fat and nasty with nose hair, you’d be flyin’ solo and have to go buy a damned car yourself, instead driving an ’88 buick and living in a studio apartment in bed-stuy. but nooooo, you in a preeee-us, letting an attendant park it while you elevator on up to your doorman apartment, driving to lichtfield on weekends to go antiquing while your boyfriend is ready to rip his nuts off out of sheer boredom, then later the two of you go shopping at whole foods to pick up a fresh slab of artisinal cow ass. i totally get it.”

  5. Fox

    Doesn’t look like Michelle-compliant food on the table. Shame on those Prius people.

    • anon

      Philip Howard is truly one of the good guys left on this planet. His blog’s recent tribute to Howard Baker, who was on the Advisory Board of Philip’s organization, Common Good, is an excellent read.