If you must drink and drive, do it in Kansas City


"Super Sorry"

“Super Sorry”

120 days for killing man on motorcycle and fleeing the scene. 

The defendant, 25-year-old Ronald O’Kelly, did allow the he was “super sorry for what happened”, and that no doubt swayed the judge because after all, this wasn’t caused by the young man choosing to get drunk, run a red light while talking to his girlfriend on his cellphone and plow into someone, “it just happened”, and “super sorry” is sufficient for that.

I do like this part from O’Kelly’s defense attorney on the day he agreed to a plea deal:

[I]t wasn’t an easy decision to accept the plea deal, and it took a lot of consideration by his client.

“He’s had a tough year already,” Picerno said.

Jesus wept.



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4 responses to “If you must drink and drive, do it in Kansas City

  1. Anonymous

    is it true that 65 Calhoun drive finally sold?

  2. Riverslide

    The sentence seems light, but is it? What is the typical sentence given out for this crime in Kansas City? Did this guy get a lighter sentence because he is white, and apparently of an Irish background.. or did he get a harsher sentence? I suspect the latter, but the article doesn’t give us any useful info on this.

  3. Riverslide

    Wow, wish I could withdraw the above comment, as the article says the drunk driver who killed the man’s wife and kid got 15 years in jail. He had been driving the wrong way on the highway and stayed at the scene of the crime. There are probably a lot of other factors at play, but one main difference is probably that the prosecutors could prove the guy was drunk. Bottomline: this O’Kelly guy left the scene and lawyered up, thus likely saving himself many years in the slammer.

    Crazy system we have.