And why isn’t Obama helping these people out? (I know, don’t give him ideas)


I see a rich life, of indolence and sloth

I see a rich life of indolence and sloth

Romanian gypsy “loves England”, vows to collect £40,000 in two years of welfare benefits or, failing that, he’ll steal to meet his goals.

For Yonn Lazer, 36, from the tiny village of Argetoaia in southern Romania, life for him, his wife Maria and their three children hasn’t always been easy.

But the family’s life has taken a turn for the better after Mr Lazer moved to London – allowing him to put a grand plan to rake in £40,000 in British benefits into action.

Six months after arriving in the capital, Mr Lazer is sending home £800 each week – and says ‘England’ has ‘given me everything’.

‘She’s give me home free. She’s give me money free. She’s give me everything.’

The UK has become an increasingly popular destination for European Roma gypsies, with a staggering 200,000 arriving in the last decade alone.

 ‘England is one country with much money,’ [Lazer]  says. ‘I need maybe £40,000 for my family and I think this money I can make in one year, maybe two.

‘I want to make one good house with three rooms, one bathroom, a fridge, plasma TV… My family is very important and I love my family. For them, I do everything.’

If he doesn’t manage to rake in enough cash, his plans will take a criminal turn. ‘If I don’t have food, I’ll go and steal,’ he admits. ‘The pocket, the paper and sometimes in the house if there is nobody, take, yeah.’

Also in London is Mr Lazer’s 15-year-old daughter Alina, recently married and pregnant with her first child.

‘My daughter is coming here together with her husband and she’s going to stay here because is good country,’ says Mr Lazer happily.

Is he at all embarrassed about the amount he’s being handed? The answer is no. ‘Some people think it’s bad if you have benefit or something but I think it’s not,’ he says.

‘I think it’s very good. It’s good for me and my family. I don’t have any interest in what they think, other people. It’s my life, my family and I think I am lucky, yeah!’

In the wonderful whacky world of liberalism, the Lazers of the world are deserving refugees, just trying to help their families. The taxpayers who involuntarily pay for this largess and worry about their own families are greedy, selfish people who must be forcibly separated from their money. Hmm.



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11 responses to “And why isn’t Obama helping these people out? (I know, don’t give him ideas)

  1. LAK

    We have lots of gypsies already here in the U.S.!
    Has anyone noticed that even Prince William is becoming liberal!

  2. Anonymous Citizenette

    When entitlements go way beyond meeting basic needs to sustain life like shelter, food & clothing, aren’t we just paying off people hoping they don’t resort to robbing & killing us, which by the way they do anyway? And all the politicians ask in return for the tax $$ giveaway are a few lousy votes.

    Just remembered something funny….when I was a kid we had a board game called Life. Your marker was a little car and you traveled around the board, first either went to college or straight to work, got a job, got married, had children and then experienced all sorts of good & bad situations. At the end of the game you either ended up at Millionaire Acres or the Poor Farm. I’m not making any analogy, just was reminded of a funny memory.

  3. burningmadolf

    Plasma TV? Someone needs to adjust his goals.

  4. Anonymous

    As bad as I feel about a homeless child, the border situation is a fine example of the moral dilemma we all face in an overpopulated world, and for me it begs a simple question– why should I not have children (I don’t) if I have to pay for someone else’s?

    • Babylon Sister

      Because, statistically speaking, the only people still breeding these days are either poor, or Muslim.

      If you and your spouse only have one kid, you are contributing to a population decline. Two kids… you are merely replacing yourselves. Three or more constituents some semblance of growth.

  5. I am not a bit surprised by this. Gypsies bamboozled my Mother who had early dementia, taking everything she had, even her cat which they tried to ransom for another $30,000. They will stop at nothing to get what they want, and would even put the likes of Scarlett O’Hara to shame for not being more ruthless. Good luck to England.

    • Fred2

      I do not know many people who have met actual Roma who like them. The 3 or 4..I forget about the last, are rather intemperate in their calls for what should be done about Roma. “Tar, feather & rail” would be the most socially acceptable.

      Since the people in question are normally quite reasonable, I think I can safely conclude that the gypsy are not generally good neighbours.

  6. sunbeam43

    And we have not fallen far from the tree!

  7. Libertarian Advocate

    And why isn’t Obama helping these people out?

    He doesn’t have to, he already owns them.