Leave it to Lupica


Armed bodyguard: don't leave home without him

Armed bodyguard: don’t leave home without him

Rookie cop killed by a gun, “once again in the wrong hands”. After paying the requisite homage to the poor, brave man shot down as he responded to a robbery, Lupica turns to his real point:

So it was a young policeman who ended up dead this time. A couple of weeks ago it was a kid out of Seton Hall Prep and the University of Richmond named Brendan Tevlin, sitting in a Jeep Liberty at the intersection of Northfield Ave. and Walker Road at midnight in West Orange, shot dead there, assailant still unknown, motive unknown, the funeral for Tevlin last week in front of 1,000 people, the kid not making it to his second year of college the way Melvin Santiago doesn’t make it to his second year as a cop.

A gun goes off at Communipaw and Kennedy, such a busy intersection during the day in Jersey City. A gun goes off at Northfield and Walker Road in West Orange. Two young lives, gone like that, in the country of the gun; in a state now officially classified stupid about guns because the governor of the state, Christie, won’t even allow a law limiting rounds of ammunition.

So we continue to feel as if no one is safe from guns in this country, and now in Jersey City the one not safe is a cop responding to a call about an armed robbery, a young guy who even supported himself at a Target store as he kept his dream alive about being a cop, and about keeping his city safe. Until nobody could keep him safe once Lawrence Campbell opened fire. This wasn’t just an execution, or merely a tragedy of Santiago’s city, it was an American tragedy.

This disgusting parasite (the sportswriter, although the gunman’s no better) uses the death of a young cop to trot out his anti-gun screed, yet again when in fact the gunman was unarmed when he entered the store: he wrested the gun used in the murder from a security guard. Lupica’s answer? Disarm everyone, even private guards.

Why doesn’t he start with former Mayor Bloomberg’s squad of body guards?


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10 responses to “Leave it to Lupica

  1. LAK

    Put this disgusting cop killer to death immediately!!!

  2. Libertarian Advocate

    Proof that twerps like Lupica really ought stick to their core competencies.

  3. anon2

    not comparing apples to apples, but this weekend after a shooting of five in Stamford, Senator Blumenthal came out with a comment within a couple of hours. I really don’t need to post the comment here because it could be written from a template and you all know its content even before reading it. But,

    “U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-CT, saw the evidence video, and said, “this terrifying video reinforces the urgent need to stop gun violence. These injuries and deaths and the fear they instill in communities and neighborhoods across America can be stopped. Congress must act now.”

    Meanwhile, Mossberg’s CEO was interviewed this weekend and said the expansion of their Texas plant was a no-brainer, his words exactly, because Texas respects the Second Amendment. Any comment from Malloy about loss of jobs? [Crickets]

  4. Anonymous

    Knew Little Mikey Lupica in New Canaan — probably the single most self absorbed twit I’ve ever had the displeasure of knowing…

    • Anon58

      And he’s a fraudster. Made a lot of money off a book he wrote, called “Summer of ’98”, which glorified the steroid-induced home run chase of Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa. Lupica, like many other sportswriters, as well as the entire MLB infrastructure, knew full well what was going behind (pun intended) the scenes, and turned a blind eye and ear to everything. Now, like fellow fraudster Bud Selig, he tries to play the save-the-game card, when he rips into people like A-Rod and Manny Ramirez.

  5. Anonymous

    Lupica is such a tool.

    Let’s talk about the root cause of the gun violence in West Orange and Stamford shall we….who pulled the trigger and was the gun legally registered. Answer these questions first, and you’ ll begin finding solutions.

  6. Anonymous Citizenette

    Has anyone noticed how reader comments are always disabled for Lupica articles? Delicate genius? That’s the only reason I read the Daily News, to read the comments. Besides, the Post has a horrible format, in addition to no longer allowing comments.

  7. Toonces

    Sure Lupica, disarming law abiding citizens will get those criminals to say “golly gee, it’s illegal – I must stop buying illegal firearms”. He’s a moron.
    But yes, CF – disarm Bloomberg’s bodyguards first and then maybe disarm Sean Penn. Start there.

  8. Guns are inanimate. Is there “knife violence”?

    Funny, the shooter probably voted for the fake Vietnam veteran. As for Lupica, he picked New Canaan because he loves the poor.