More on the Byram Pool


The Tesei family relaxes in Byram

The Tesei family relaxes in Byram

Greenwich Patch provides details:

The new pool would be 6,400 square feet with a maximum depth of 5 1/2 feet, with six 25-meter lap lanes, designated area for aerobic workout and swimming instruction and family swimming. The pool would accommodate 250 people. There would be a separate kiddy pool and splash play area.

It is proposed that a 3,160-square foot restroom and concession building be built that would include shower and changing areas, lifeguard and first aid rooms. There also would be a separate pool filter building to house all mechanical equipment as well as a new separate ticket and entry booth.

All of the structures will have to meet new FEMA flood regulations, Monelli said.

The application was filed July 10th, the Selectmen, who have already announced their support for this boondoggle, will vote on it July 24th.

The two-week period between the Municipal Improvement status application and the selectmen’s decision is to allow for public comment on the project, said First Selectman Peter Tesei.

It won’t make a bit of difference, but here’s how to submit your public comment. Fire away.


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55 responses to “More on the Byram Pool

  1. Anonymous

    The Byram pool is yet another example of a Tesei flip flop. Let’s start a list of all projects and issues our First Selectman after public pressure changed his mind. Tesei was against a Byram pool when it was first introduced. But after pressure from the Junior League and Jim Lash he now champions it.

  2. District 7 conservative

    What’s going to happen when soil is tested and it test positive for poison. Who is going to pay for remediation. The Junior League, Peter Tesei, maybe the parks department…. Think not! Do we know for sure soil will come up clean. Amy Seibert you say what? Has checking past bill invoices that one of the Selectman ordered reveal anything thus far. Does the town no for sure poison ash was not dumped at Byram Park. I guess we will find out very soon. What did the Selectman audit show?

    • Actually, that’s probably the only thing we don’t have to much concern over – the site is all rock ledge. That said, there are dozens of dry legitimate concerns about this project, any one of which should stop it.

  3. Jeff Spicoli

    I hope they add one of those wave machines, dude.

  4. Walt

    Dude –
    Just what is the “Junior League”? I didn’t know, so I googled it.

    They are a group of hause frau’s that “are passionately focused on the health, education, and welfare of women and children”. Is that male children, or only female children? THIS IS A RACIST ELITIST ORGANIZATION!! Why don’t they support the health and welfare of ALL PEOPLE?

    Is this going to be a girls only pool? And what does this pool have to do with helping women? I guarantee you every one of these man hating broads has an in ground pool, in a house paid for by their testosterone deprived HUSBAND!! THEY SHOULD ALL GO AND GET JOBS!! They have too much time on their hands.

    You want to help someone? YOU WANT TO HELP SOMEONE? SEND FOOD TO THE BIAFRANS!! Adopt a Nigerian. Building a pool for the Greenwich elite? That is helping women? How? You stuck up elitist SNOBS!!

    Your hypocrisy is staggering. Not you Dude. The Junior League Man Hater’s.

    Your Pal,

  5. Behind the library

    However dumb this is (and it probably is), it’s even dumber for being metric. Take it from a long time swim team parent: nobody swims short course metric unless forced, and all the short course metric pools in CT were built years ago when people stupidly thought metric was the future.

    Check it out: GHS, used for FCIAC championships is 25 yards. Hamden High, Yale, SCSU (fka SCSC), etc, all used for state HS championships and club meets: all 25 yards. Soon to be brand new Westport Y: 25 yards. Club meets across the state: 25 yards, even in 50 meter pools. There are two acceptable lengths for pools: 25 yards or 50 meters. Everything else is a waste.

    So if they waste their money (well, your money, because I don’t live in Greenwich any more) building it, at least insist they build it in the right units!

  6. Cos Cob resident

    On Wednesday evening according to the town website the BOS will hold a meeting with PZBA to in Peter Tesei’s words try and resolve the pending lawsuit filed by GFS. The synaguge was voted down a week ago by PZBA and because GFS put the town on notice Tesei now wants PZBA to cave. Tesei will of course flip flop and side with whoever benefits him the most. PZBA voted. That vote should stand. They are legally obliged to defend such vote. Tesei knows this but he still is having the meeting. What time does the meeting start and is their a time limit for public comment. This meeting Wednesday evening is an important one. Probably the most important so let’s show up in big numbers.

    • Fighting for justice

      What time is Wednesday BOS meeting? Is the synegauge the only item on the agenda? I heard from the district 8 RTM chair the meeting is scheduled for 630 Wednesday evening. Is that true?

      • Anonymous

        The law is on the Synegauges side. It’s going up. That’s a fact. The only way it doesn’t is if the 2 members of PZBA stay strong and keep with their vote. Don’t be bullied into flip flopping. Save that for the First Selectman. Just because he has no conviction and just because he changes his opinion daily doesn’t mean you have too. Your vote was the correct one.

      • housecat

        Let me give you a tip, trolly. If you’re going to pretend to be different people when you comment, do yourself a favor and LEARN TO F-ING SPELL. (Hint: it starts with “S”. Either try Googling it next time, or turn SpellCheck on.)

  7. The Junior League has done amazing stuff for this town. I know. I am a proud member. These hause fraus, Walt, are smart and savvy. As for the pool – I am also for it. A town such as Greenwich should have a pool for it’s citizens. It is not that big of a deal to manage a summer pool. Even tiny little crappy towns in Mississippi have public pools. Not everyone can join a private club and this goes a long way in the quality of life category. Of course, Greenwich will find a way to muck it up because this town is so ill managed. But that is another story.

    • Anonymous

      While I agree that the Junior League does some wonderful work, I am against this project. An outdoor pool, in use two months a year is not money well spent. When all of our elementary schools can accommodate their populations, when the OGRCC is brought into this century, when our current ball fields can consistently be maintained…
      In the iterim, the beaches are lovely and the Town has indoor pools.

      • greenwich dude

        correct on all counts

      • There is a real need for this pool complex It could easily be used 3-4 months of the year, even with iffy spring and early fall weather. And be a terrific quality of life addition. Admittedly, it does seem possible that the Town of Greenwich would ill manage the maintenance and upkeep, just like the bathrooms at Bruce Park and Greenwich Point that are in poor condition. And I agree about the Junior League. If this country and world were run only by ambitious men, then the quality of life for women, children and, yes indeed ALL citizens including the men, would suffer greatly. Those very highly educated, savvy, ambitious WOMEN of the Junior League with lots of energy and a bit of time are what keep our civilization, culture and environment and towns working for everyone.

        • A “need’ does not constitute an obligation for others to meet it, especially when that need is a swimming pool. Similarly, lots of things would enhance “the quality of life” for some people, but that’s no reason to force others to so enhance it; again, especially when it comes to swimming pools.
          Finally, how on earth is this a male vs. female argument? Unless you are claiming that women only think in emotional terms, rather than rational, in which case you’re insulting and demeaning most women I know.

        • I absolutely am NOT saying the women only think in emotional terms. There are many that are incredibly highly educated, smart, rational and active in their towns and spheres of orbit. I just think it is a terrible slam against the Junior League and the women of this town to denigrate everything that they do for their families, this town, and society in general. I simply agree with Greenwich Gal. I think that Walt is being his typical obnoxious self when he says things like that, but I suspect that many other people may secretly agree with the whole “bored housewife” argument.

        • A FEMALE responder

          CCL…did you really just play the female card in this argument? And, the Junior League keeps our civilization and environment working? You have done me and many other rational, thinking women a total disservice with your blathering nonsense.

        • Anonymous

          I am anon who posted at 10:23. I am female, a single mom of boys who love to swim… And a Democrat. And I still think this pool is a boondoggle.

        • Anonymous

          I have an idea—I think you would be a super candidate to join the Junior League to do some serious fundraising with your like-minded ladies. Why sit on the sidelines with all this passion and fervor for the pool? And, don’t forget to remind the ladies to raise money not just for the initial construction costs—but the ongoing maintenance costs that will far surpass that initial construction costs with liability insurance, personnel, chlorine and pool upkeep, membership control, etc. Good luck Crazy Cat!

        • Just for the record:
          I have been reading this blog for almost 6 years. It is interesting, entertaining, occasionally insightful, occasionally factual. It can also be obnoxious, narrow minded, hateful to some people and groups, and extremely opinionated. I have simply, politely, respectfully given my opinion as to the pool subject. I have no wish to make this a nasty exchange with people that cannot be respectful back. For the record (to Chris Fountain and A Female Responder) I did NOT bring up the gender thing (Walt did on 7/14 at 9;37pm with blatant name calling and a slam against the Junior League). And to A Female Responder, I am NOT blathering. I was a member of the Junior League at one point. I think that they have very good motives and do very good things in this town and many others, as do other organizations. I was just agreeing with Greenwich Gal. I also did state in another of my posts on this pool topic (from a few days ago), that I was not sure that this was the best time in Greenwich to be pursuing this capital expenditure. There appears to be a distinct lack of political ability to manage money in this town. I also agree that the maintenance of current recreational facilities in this town leaves a lot to be desired. Very sad that it has to be done by private donations and fund raising. But if our town citizens are willing to do that, and can also raise enough funds to cover the maintenance, I think it is a very worthwhile project. (Of course, that means that someone in the town has to keep the town politicos from dipping their fingers into those reserved funds for other expenditures….which may be impossible). I have lived in Greenwich for 25 years, the first 10 years of which I had 4 small children and no access to any kind of decent pool. I speak from previous experience as a young homeowner and parent. There is an awful lot of subtle racial bias in this town, with regards to who might be PAYING to use this kind of public pool facility. It can be open to anyone who might want to pay an appropriate daily or seasonal fee to use it. Exactly as it seems to work in my hometown that is the same size as Greenwich, in another state, and that has 3 public pool and recreational complexes. And as for the concessions…..if you can have a wide variety of food, candy, drink and other items available at the beach concessions, then why not have a somewhat smaller selection at a public pool facility. This is my last say on this topic, and I am filled with some disgust at how vitriolic this discussion became.

          • Aw come on, you should see (and hear) what they say about me! Admittedly, not every comment is intended in a generous, gently-helpful way, but a thick skin will see you through, and you can give it right back. You go, girl!

            (Just curious – did you previously live in the Mid-West? Those people really are decent, kind people, by and large but unfortunately, they’re usual too smart to come back east to settle).

  8. Bubba

    A better location for the pool might be somewhere more central.
    Beside the YMCA maybe?

  9. TheBox

    I have yet to talk to anyone, even my two liberal neighbors, who think this is a good idea. Fill the damn thing in and spend the money improving existing parks.

    If a pool is important, the town could do something similar to what it did with the boat clubs – lease some property to a member run not-for-profit club for $1 and let interested people take ownership and run it – won’t cost the town anything if it’s truly a desirable amenity and membership rates should be pretty low. Hell, make it a tiny little country club, charge a couple hundred bucks a year to join, put in a nice deck and tiki bar and I’ll cough up the dough and join – you’ll never see me IN the pool, just poolside sipping a beer BS’ing with the neighbors.

  10. There used to be a pool in what is now Pomerance Park – which was part of the Tuchman residence. However, the pool and the house are now in ruins due to the poor management of town properties. It is a shame that such assets are left to become eyesores and safety hazards. Greenwich Government in action. This would have been a perfect place for a public pool.

    • hmmm

      Pools that are part of houses or properties that have been donated to the town does not constitute a town pool

      And if the jog wants a pool that bad pay for it and maintain it in perpetuity and leave the taxpayers out of it

      Didn’t you complain about misa? How is this any different?

  11. Hmmmm – I’m not saying the pool at Pomerance was a perfect pool in any way – but it could have been used somehow. Even just the location – anything would have been better and smarter than the dangerous ruin that is there now. As for MISA – I’m not against it in theory. I am against pouring money and resources into a site that is very much compromised, especially when you also consider the rest of our school buildings are in terrible condition. It is the proverbial trying to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

  12. TraderVic

    Would this new pool be open to everyone who buys a pass, like our beaches? If so, I wouldn’t think the folks in Byram would want the massive intrusion.

    • Their cousins from Port Chester can join them – what’s not to like?

    • Somehow, some way, MANY other towns in this country MAKE it work! Maybe the Town of Greenwich is simply too much of a political mess to run ANY kind of capital construction project. That is a sorry commentary for a wealthy town. Maybe we should be telling potential new home buyers with families to RUN like the Dickens and to NOT buy a home here. YES, the pool would be OPEN to ANYONE who can pay to enter. If does seem to work just fine in my hometown and other places that I have lived and visited.

  13. TheBox

    Greenwich Gal, you are for the pool, but you believe the town is bad at managing these things – so why throw ($10mm+ worth of) gas on the fire. Let’s have them to get the rest of their house in order and improve management of the existing parks before we hand them the keys to a brand new pool to neglect too. Also, lets finish with the MISA / HS remediation debacle before we spend a ton of money anywhere else.
    Don’t forget, they have another $5mm of spending in the pipeline for the ice rink alone…

  14. Cos Cobber

    We should be spending this money on improving our existing parks which fall a little short of grade A. Bruce, Todd’s, Binney and Byram all are a little shabby around the edges…particularly Todd’s. And better than parks, we should be looking ahead to the next twenty years when we will likely need to revamp the three middle schools and portion of the high school which hasnt been rebuilt under MISA.

    The idea of leasing the land to the Junior Club to run a public pool on town land sounds like a much better idea.

  15. Anonymous

    What a disingenuous process to ask the “people” if they want a new pool without stating the trade offs and other major construction projects in play. Of course, no mention that we are at this very moment building a NEW $2million park in Cos Cob (on top of $15million in soil contamination remediation for the last 10 years). We also have a half a million dollar PARK renovation of a perfectly fine park on Greenwich Avenue because of a desire for a new layout. And, of course the GHS soil remediation that TODAY still has no price tag. What gross, fiscally imprudent leaders we have in this Town.

  16. Once

    Just one more reason for the Hispanyolas from Pt Chester to fudge a Greenwich address. How much will we have to subsidize the concession stand? Can’t imagine having the poor dears pay full boat for a 20 oz soda. Free school, free housing, free healthcare and now free club. Why don’t you ask how they want their steak cooked?

  17. Publius

    The issue of expansion of recreational facilities and its concomitant costs are not unique to Greenwich although the sense of entitlement and the perceived bottomless well of money certainly complicates the issue here. In my experience many towns and cities are too quick to expand the empire at the expense of maintenance of current facilities. Adding more to the balance sheet requires an ever larger allocation to annual maintenance that over time tends to get squeezed out in favor of more “essential” spending ( ie pensions/healthcare, paying municipal workers a lot of money, hiring more administrators amidst stagnant population growth etc).

    The trend that I see with towns today is that the residents who would like a “quality of life” upgrade but cannot fund it personally for themselves, then petition elected officials to provide them same by spreading the cost over all the taxpayers and lobbying for that upgrade. It is perfectly within their rights to do so and it is up to the elected officials to make a decision that is in the best interest of all taxpayers. So far so good. However, in today’s world of the career politician (regardless of party affiliation) there seems to be very little push back on this issues and to curry voter favor, everything from pools to nursing homes (Greenwich) to Carnegie Hall knock-offs built on brownfield sites (Greenwich) become “essential” to one’s quality of life. To which I respond bullshit. The argument that some other town has a pool or nursing home or Carnegie Hall is fallacious. The role of government is not to provide the taxpayers with something they cannot personally underwrite and just because some other town or locality is dumb enough to do that does not make it an argument to do so in your own town. if you want to live in a town with a pool, move to a town with a pool, don’t burden everybody with your personal quality of life bucket list.

    The state of public finances in this country are tenuous at best ( a massive understatement) and residents of Greenwich are by in large residents of the State of CT and of the USA. The local government should be the least inefficient with the taxpayers dollars because it is that level of government that is closest to the taxpayer. A pool is a luxury, even in Greenwich. Take a look at the “Y” with its start of the art Olympic sized pool….. it was a contributing factor to the effective bankruptcy of that organization. ( Greenwich for all its wealth would be foolish to go down this path and for those looking to take a dip and are geographically challenged, the southern border of the town is the Long Island Sound.

  18. Anonymous

    The Greenwich Time did not mention any period of public comment? So the only way the public knows to comment is from the 3 readers of Patch? Good god this Town is amazing.

    • I think the powers count on the fact that most residents don’t care much, so they govern as they please, as secretively as possible.
      You don’t suppose this big ticket item is being passed in July, when so many are away, is coincidence, do you?

  19. Irony

    If the statistics are true that more children deaths occur by drowning in a pool, where are the Moms Against Pools gang? The town would have fewer worries if they built a shooting range rather than a killing hole of water.

  20. I have been gone all day – please be considerate to Crazy Cat Lady. She has a point and you should respect her opinion just as you expect others to hear and respect your own.
    Or else I’ll have to come down and bitch slap all of you into behaving!

  21. Anonymous

    We have a pool. It’s at Greenwich High School. Open it up for public use in the summer. Problem solved.

    • A friend and I were discussing the idea of seizing Milbrook’s pool by eminent domain; the members would probably not even notice the change in population.

  22. Anonymous

    The Byram beach is a terrible place to swim and very polluted. Having this pool will turn that park into a premier destination. A lot of people don’t swim in the sound ever, not at Byram and not at Tod’s. Having a beach (a very nice beach, actually, it is quite deep and has some great shady spots) next to a pool will be great. And THIS Byram resident welcomes it.