Skullduggery in Old Greenwich?


1 Ferris Dive

1 Ferris Dive

1 Ferris Drive, asking $498,000 (from $599,000, originally), reports a pending contract, “pending bank approval due to accrued penalties and interest”. A judgement of strict foreclosure entered in favor of the bank May 29, 2014, but what I find interesting is an earlier lawsuit (begun August, 2010) on behalf of the estate of the late owner, Carmela S. Hickey against the two sons (?) (nephews?), Anthony and Paul Daddona.

From what I can piece together from the various dockets, on August 20, 2010, Wilmot Harris Jr., Esq. (Ivey Barnum), as Trustee for the estate of the late Carmela S. Hickey, sued the two Daddona brothers and their limited partnership, Beach Crest LLC, as well as the mortgage lender, to set aside the conveyance of the property from Carmela Hickey to the Daddona’s LLC, Beach Crest, and to discharge a $417,000 mortgage owed to the mortgagee by Beach Crest.

On June 18, 2012, a settlement was reached with the title insurance company insuring the bank for $162,5000, a new loan was extended by People Bank in the amount of $293,000, and Carmela Hickey’s estate’s interest was quit-claimed to Beach Crest LLC , but the suit against the two brothers continued, perhaps in contemplation of  further payments. It’s possible that Anthony Daddona made such a payment, because he was dropped from the law suit this year, while it continues against Paul.

So what happened here? We can speculate: On September 13, 2006, Anthony Daddona, as Trustee of the Mary Sassone Revocable trust, transferred her interest in One Ferris Drive to Depal LLC. We can guess that Mary Sassone and Carmella S. Hickey were related, probably sisters?

 On October 23, 2006, a limited partnership owned by the Daddonas, Depal LTD, was registered with the Secretary of State (even though it already held Mary Sassone’s interest in the property).

Carmela Sassone Hickey died November 28, 2006;

Beach Crest Ltd, was registered with the state on July 20, 2007  and on August 10, 2007, Depal LTD  quit claimed both Mary Sassone’s and Carmella Sassone Hickey’s in the property over to Beach Crest. On November 27, 2007, Beach Crest borrowed $417,000 from World Savings Bank, and the fun began.

None of which matters, but it’s something to do on  muggy Monday afternoon.




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7 responses to “Skullduggery in Old Greenwich?

  1. TheBox

    I think yy wife an I looked at this house in late 2011 before we settled in Pemberwick – Close to I95? It’s literally in the back yard… but I recall being more put-off by the collection of headstones for cats in the back yard. I think people should remove the evidence of their pet cemeteries before they list…

  2. Paul Daddona has been in and out of the Stamford courts for years. Someone is always suing him. He would appear to be a most unsavory character.

  3. LAK

    Anthony Daddona is Norwalk PS Deputy Superintendent.

  4. Mickster

    Got this listing a few years ago – actually the Dadonna brothers wanted to rent it at the time. Days later “Mike” Harris Esq calls me on the phone and ‘suggests’ I remove it – you’ve outlined some of the issues above. These guys are another breed.
    Funny story I learned a few weeks ago, apparently one of the banks mentioned gave one of the ‘owners’ a substantial mortgage on the property, not realizing that the applicant didnt own 100% of the property – little title search oops….
    You could not make this stuff up.