That was quick


23 Hendrie

23 Hendrie

23 Hendrie Avenue Extension, $9.250 million, has a contract after 60 days. Nice house, but as a creek neighbor, I can assure you that the photoshopped dye job they did to the water here is inauthentic. Ole’s Creek is many things, but the Caribbean it is not.


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6 responses to “That was quick

  1. Cos Cobber

    Its houses like these that make the whole concept of physically raising the neighborhood to qualify for FEMA’s 250k per building flood policy so laughable. Its already laughable when its a 1MM home, but 9MM?

  2. towny

    yep. the piss clam plantation is great for boating, provided you don’t have to dock there.

    • towny

      Good thing CF didn’t have a buyer for this place, as he’d still be navigating around Riverside looking for it.

  3. Babylon Sister

    Gorgeous interior! So unique

  4. creaky

    for 9 million,do they throw in the boat?

  5. Diana

    I have been to this house many times. It is beautifully crafted and most of the materials were carefully chosen due to allergies. It is really spectacular….very lucky buyer.