Wow, who knew badgers came so big?


Poor little badger

Feisty little badger

Woman sentenced to 7 years for killing bicyclist, told police she kept on because she thought she’d hit a badger.

Alison Bowen was more than twice over the drink-drive limit when she struck Paul Novak on the A21 at Robertsbridge in November last year, a spokesperson for Sussex Police said.

She struck him with such force that her windscreen shattered and the front of her Fiat Punto was caved in – but later told officers she thought she had only hit a badger.

Bowen then drove off, leaving Mr Novak’s body in the road.

She continued in her smashed car until she got to Battle and crashed off the road again.

Mr Novak, 50, of St Leonards, died at the scene.

Now THAT'S a badger

Now THAT’S a badger


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2 responses to “Wow, who knew badgers came so big?

  1. Fred2

    Moose v. Car Never a good scene. Not for the moose, and not for the car, and usually not for anyone in the front of the car either.
    To quote the the QPP: you are far better off running off the road into a tree /wall/ ditch than messing with moose.

  2. housecat

    Active drunks are so much fun…