A little activity to report

24 Daffodil Lane closed, for $2.325 million. Unfortunately, the GAR’s new policy of stripping the internet of  content means I can no longer link to it, but here’s what I had to say about it when it first came on. 24 Daffodil Lane 24 Daffodil Lane, Cos Cob (off Mimosa), $2.450 million. An exterior that is not often seen in this neighborhood, but once inside, this offers a lot of very usable space, in great condition, for not a whole lot of money. It’s on two acres, mostly woods, with a pool. It failed to sell in 2011-2012 when it was priced at $2.6, but the market’s gone up since then, and this one’s price has come down. All in all, for this price range, very attractive.

190 lake Avenue

190 lake Avenue

Failed contract – 190 Lake Avenue, $1.895 million, had a contract in June, now it doesn’t. So many things can go wrong in a real estate transaction that it would be useless to speculate on what happened here, but it’s available again.

19 Hidden Brook, front

19 Hidden Brook, front

Price Cut – Ordinarily, I’d suggest sellers wait until everyone’s back from summer vacations to cut a price, lest their effort go unnoticed, but in the case of 19 Hidden Brook Road, Riverside, no cut could come too soon. Today it was nibbled down from $7.5million to $6.850, and I suspect we’ll see more of that before we see a sale.

The land this home was built on was purchased for $1.8 million in a bidding war that started at $1.495, and the owners then contracted with Doran Sabag and Jim Hoffman to build that partnerships’ usual, beautifully crafted home. So far, so good, but it remains a 5,236 sq.ft. home crammed into 0.4 of an acre and surrounded by its neighbors. Even transplanted New Yorkers may want more space than that.

Or not – New Yorkers do do crazy things, so we’ll see. The listing, by the way, mentions that the house received a “HOBI” award in 2013, which is a sign of approval, but it’s an award given to builders by their fellow builders, so it’s not quite the independent judgment one might expect. Sort of like real estate firms awarding their own agents “Miss Personality of the Month” or the Greenwich Association of Realtors naming a member “Most Ethical Realtor of the Year”.  Oh well, you do get a nice ribbon.

19 Hidden Brook,back yard. "Welcome to the neighborhood!"

 Welcome to the neighborhood – what’s for supper?


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12 responses to “A little activity to report

  1. Anon

    Thanks for mentioning Jim Hoffman.

  2. New Yorkers do indeed do crazy things. I’ve also noticed some lunacy emanating from Hartford. And you guys seem to keep digging the hole deeper with the GHS performance space project.

  3. Anonymous

    It was good value at $7.5mm, and now is even better value at $6.85mm

  4. Anonymous

    You’re joking…good value? If sold at this price, this would be the highest priced new construction house on .4ac lot in all of Riverside ever paid in the history of Greenwich itself(excluding waterfront of course).

    The house is nice, but it’s challenged. Corner lot, close to neighbors, no privacy, no special features to the lot…I say this thing is way overpriced. Nice house, but not worth anything close to what they are asking unless you’re from out of town and don’t know Greenwich real estate.

    My guess is that you’re the realtor representing the owners…either that or you hit the pipe on weekends.

    • Riverside Dog Walker

      Don’t feed the troll.

      One thing I noticed when the dog and I walked by is the pool is REALLY close to the patio. One too many gin & tonics, or kids splashing around while grownups mingled could get complicated.

      • Riverside dog walker,

        I figured this was an upright financial industry employed seller overly involved in determining the asking price. Pride sometimes trumps reality.

        Of course, this is just a guess.

  5. Anonymous

    Owner runs a hedge fund …so there you go.

    • OG Brit

      House was on the OG kitchen tour. Ludicrous proportions in the kitchen. They have a ladder in the pantry but it seemed to me that they need one in virtually every room. Perhaps he’s a giant as well as a HF owner?

      • Anonymous

        our current kitchen is literally about 10x the size of our former shoebox kitchen in manhattan, and it’s as much if not more of a pain in the ass to work with. i don’t care what people say, a decently equipped, well-thought out 10×10 is all you need to keep the armies well fed and entertained.