And the top-dollar sales keep rolling along

32 Meadowcroft

32 Meadowcroft

Just a week after 6 Meadowcroft, $14.5 million, reported a pending deal, 32 Meadowcroft Lane, $10.5 million, has a contract. This is a Mariani house, built in 2011 and unsuccessfully marketed (until now) since then, at prices beginning at $12.575 and ending here. I personally find it a distasteful example of the Mariani style but then, I don’t have $10.5 million to spend on anything, let alone a mini-mansion in Greenwich, so what do I know? Anyway, it’s found a buyer.


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11 responses to “And the top-dollar sales keep rolling along

  1. LAK

    Nice mansion! Why do you think its distasteful? I know nothing about real estate…just curious.

    • Well the blister pack thingie on the outside south wall is unappealing, for one, the cheap flagstone checker boarding around the pool is another, but the rest is pretty much a matter of personal taste. Of course, the fact that Mariani couldn’t sell it for three years suggests that others share my taste.

  2. John

    Big dollar homes are picking up as the sq footage number starts to rise. The heavy hitters know that if the sq footage number rises it will hurt them the most being they are buying a 10k sq ft home or more. Every 100 dollars cost them a million more. Expect to see a lot more of this.

  3. Inagua

    Chris – Help me deconstruct this, please. Mariani paid $3.5 million for the dirt four years ago, right? And maybe $500 a foot for site prep and building? Times 13,500 feet puts Mariani in for about the $10.5 million selling price. Or am I missing something?

  4. Fred2

    To each their own, but yeah, not my taste either.

    Not “hideous & wash my eyes & brain out with bleach” ugly, but given that kind of $$ I think i could do better.

  5. John

    I’m not sure but I don’t think this is 13k sq ft on two floors.

    • Toonces

      It’s not 13k sq feet on two floors – FAR isn’t that high. They are including the basement. This is a huge house. I like the modern vibe inside.

  6. Anonymous

    Some lucky teenager will like the indoor basketball court.

  7. Anonymous

    I hope Mariani leaves Greenwich soon and goes to another town to ruin it!! Maybe Scarsdale is more his speed!!

  8. Anonymous

    that house looks perfect for today’s entitled family.

    i’m thinking builders should really take these big lots and shrink the main house by a couple thousand sq. ft. or so and build a guest cottage (with separate driveway entrance) at the rear of the lot. that way, when the couple eventually files for divorce or separation, the kids can keep their bedrooms and either the dad or mom can still keep up the appearances without having to move into an apartment in putnam green, a.k.a. divorcee central.