Contract in the North East Kingdom


81 Howard Road

81 Howard Road

81 Howard Road, asking $2.899 million, has a buyer just 60 days after hitting the market. At first blush that’s a high price for a home so far up and east, especially one on just 1.7 acres in the 4-acre zone, but if you’ll look at the pictures you’ll see what a nifty place it is. As for its undersized lot, that’s really only a FAR issue, because there’s 200 acres next door that you can enjoy without paying taxes on. And with 5,500 feet already here, who needs more?

Nice house. Brian Tunney listing.



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9 responses to “Contract in the North East Kingdom

  1. Anon

    Very cool house.

  2. CatoRenasci

    Know the house, know the sellers, who were in the house for ~20 years. Meticulous, with everything done to the highest standard by a couple who knows the difference and were able to make it happen.

    • EOSredux

      Can you ask the sellers for me where they found that nifty antique barrel-shape wood stove that’s shown in the LR photo? I seriously covet that!

      • Cato says he’s known the buyers for many years, so, Cato? And you’re right – it’s a stove to covet.

        • EOSredux

          Huh? Cato says, “Know the house, know the sellers.

          In any event, I am available for immediate pickup of said stove if buyers want to unload. Cash deal, no trade.

          • Well I assume the sellers are more likely to know where the stove came from than the buyers, no? On the other hand, I have a pick up truck, and younger brother Gideon is deft at midnight moves, so if I loaned him my truck and you gave him your money …

        • EOSredux

          I feel like I’m in the middle of an Abbott and Costello bit.

          ANYWAY, I found an Aussie manufacturer of a similar looking barrel wood stove. The one at 81 Howard, owned by sellers or buyers, has a nice antique patina that I prefer.

          I see your truck and younger brother with a midnight gathering skills and raise you a son with a much bigger truck and Army reconnaissance skills. Game set match. 🙂

  3. Anonymous

    did 65 calhoun sell?