Someone should (almost) hit this price


141 Taconic Rd

141 Taconic Rd

141 Taconic Road, a terrific house, has just dropped its price again, this time by $550,000,and is now asking $5.2 million. At this price it comes with just four acres, but I’d bid $5 for the house and its additional 4-acre  lot and see what happened. Eight acres, great house, lower Taconic location, that would be a sweet deal. I’m not saying the owners would take so little, mind you, but at some point, people get tired of owning vacant houses.


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5 responses to “Someone should (almost) hit this price

  1. Libertarian Advocate

    Very nice digs.

  2. Anonymous

    Where are the additional 4 acres?

  3. Anonymous

    Where are these additional 4 acres?

  4. Flash

    The deceased owner was a giant of the past generation
    Jack Bennett