Wanna bet he won’t fly there on a commercial carrier?


We can't allow the little people to have cheap energy - don't you get it?

We can’t allow the little people to have cheap energy – don’t you get it?

Professional Kennedy and “environmentalist” Robert Jr. will marry still another woman and move to a newly purchased hovel (just $5 mil.) in Malibu soon. Although a small wedding of 600 guests will be invited, only a fraction of those will attend Kennedy’s upcoming deposition for the divorce trial of his former mistress, Greenwichite  Chelsea Kirwan.

“This time it’s real love,” Kennedy told FWIW. “I really mean that.”


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12 responses to “Wanna bet he won’t fly there on a commercial carrier?

  1. sunbeam43

    He’s disgusting on many fronts. The prospective bride must be a complete ignoramus.

    • Mazama


      “We (i.e., Kennedy and Hines) share the same values. Family first,” (said bride-to-be) Hines…

      As for Kennedy’s former family values: “Robert Kennedy’s late wife, Mary Richardson, is reported to have shared details about a list of 43 suspected mistresses with a friend just two months before she committed suicide in May 2012…”

      • They are his “family values”. RFK and Teddy were both sleeping w/ Jackie when RFK was killed. Jackie was also doing Onassis at the time.

        No wonder Capote called her a “geisha girl”.

        Apparently this is all in a recent book confirmed by Kennedy insiders.

        And then there’s Marilyn.

  2. EOSredux

    Disgusting is the understatement Sunbeam. He’s a serial philanderer, with a black book of women he rates sexually. Former wife and now Dead Mary wasn’t even cold when Robert publicly flaunted his relationship with Cheryl, with neighbor Glenn Close excited and supportive of the news. So Cheryl can look at a man who has slept with hundreds upon hundreds of women and says to herself, gee, let me be the next, please???????????????

    One good thing, for me at least, the asshole has left New York.

  3. hope Kennedy has more luck with Cheryl than Larry did

  4. Monody


  5. BigMike

    Another dumb FCK.

  6. Anonymous Citizenette

    What’s wrong with Cheryl Hines, has she taken leave of her senses? Just looking at him makes me want to puke. For chrissakes, he buried his estranged wife in the Kennedy “cemetery of the damned”, then actually moved her body away from the rest, like some final FU.

  7. Walt

    Dude –
    Whenever I read about the Kennedy’s, I feel like my head is going to explode. They are an absolute plane wreck.

    Do what I say, not what I do. Sure, they were absolute tookie magnets, and I admire that. But that is about it.

    They have been above the law, had absolute power, and granted privilege based on name over ability. A recipe for disaster. It makes me want to blow my brains out.

    Your Pal,

  8. CatoRenasci

    The Kennedys are a continuing endorsement for Dean Swift’s Modest Proposal….

    Bobby Jr. is one of the more despicable people I’ve known. But, then, his father was the most despicable of the despicable Joe’s four boys.

  9. Rivman

    Having seen first hand, he trolls healthclubs.