We don’ need your stinkin’ jobs

Trident  II missile:  the thinking man's alternative to shotguns

Trident II missile: the thinking man’s alternative to shotguns

Publius sends along this link to Forbes: America’s largest shotgun manufacturer moving to Texas

America’s largest shotgun manufacturer, O.F. Mossberg & Sons, Inc., decided not to expand in Connecticut. Sure it was founded there 1919 and still has its corporate headquarters in North Haven. But in 2013 Connecticut rushed through legislation to ban some of Mossberg’s popular products. As a result, Mossberg CEO, Iver Mossberg, says, “Investing in Texas was an easy decision. It’s a state that is not only committed to economic growth but also honors and respects the Second Amendment and the firearm freedoms it guarantees for our customers.”

Mossberg is America’s oldest family owned and operated firearms manufacturer. It’s also the largest pump-action shotgun manufacturer in the world. Texas Governor Rick Perry (R) has been aggressively coaxing them to bring even more jobs to Texas—Mossberg has been making guns there since 1989. Perry has been seducing them with the Texas Enterprise Fund (TEF), the state’s low taxes, simpler regulations and a skilled workforce.

This development won’t disturb Malloy and his base, however. The Governor described his state’s gun manufacturers thus: “What this is about is the ability of the gun industry to sell as many guns to as many people as possible—even if they are deranged, even if they are mentally ill, even if they have a criminal background. They don’t care. They want to sell guns.”

So far as Malloy and his anti-gun nuts are concerned, the only weapons manufacturers wanted in this state are the Wiffleball folks in Shelton and, of course, nuclear subs in Groton and attack helicopters in Stratford. We’re losing both the latter, leaving us whiffleballs.


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16 responses to “We don’ need your stinkin’ jobs

  1. Peg

    It reminds me of the people who are now vociferously denouncing the United Negro College Fund for the AUDACITY in accepting $25 million from the Koch brothers. They’d prefer that kids fail to get the funds for college than for the organization to take (gasp) LIBERTARIAN dollars.

    Go figure.

  2. Cos Cobber

    Building on your point, a link to the WSJ opinion piece on Houston…America’s center for good paying jobs in high growth mode. Our resident liberals of FWIW, please dissect the state of Texas and its tremendous and robust growth.


  3. Libertarian Advocate

    Malloy et al. only pretend to be unconcerned about the jobs being lost in this state. The fact is that he quietly cut checks in the MILLIONS to keep manufacturers here in Connecticut after the full impact of SB1160 became apparent. Like all degreed “progressives” who proclaim loudly to care about and work hard for the rights of blue collar workers, Malloy and the Fairfield County Demoncrat progressive elites give not two shits about the “Little Guy.” All they care about is the OPTICS for the next election cycle and THOSE are looking pretty dismal for Danny Boy and his gaggle of like-minded SCoaMFs.

    The absolute FICTION that the progressives and the blue collar working class share any remaining common interests or values is unraveling as quickly as our southern border is collapsing under the management of Ben Malloy’s dad’s HERO Barack Obama.

    • Anonymous

      They should wait until the hardscape settles. You know, California Island, and the San Andreas coastline.

  4. Mazama

    Asked to comment in the wave of third world immigrants invading the U.S. from Mexico a senior Democrat acknowledged during an unguarded moment, “What this is about is the ability of our friends in the radical Hispanic spectrum to get into the U.S. as many illiterate, unskilled potential wards of the welfare state as possible—even if they are deranged, even if they are mentally ill, even if they have a criminal background. And we don’t care. We just want future Democratic voters.”

    • Anonymous

      Perhaps we’re at the point where the GOP can persuade newly legal immigrants that their job security is at risk without better border control. “Let me in and then bar the door” is alive and well in most of us.

      • Mazama

        My understanding is that Cesar Chavez – the left’s secular saint as leader of the United Farm Workers – opposed to illegal immigration from Mexico for much of his union organizing career on the grounds – surprise – that an unlimited supply of potential farm workers depressed farm workers’ wages.

        He later came to the 1986 Reagan amnesty deal when he realized massive political benefits would accrue to The Race if millions more settled in California.

        On a (slightly) related note “liberal lioness” Nancy Pelosi honors Chavez’s heroic struggle to unionize California farmer workers by aggressively refusing to let unionized laborers work in vineyards that she and her husband own.

  5. Publius


    Or roads apparently. I guess our state taxes are going to keep businesses from having to use the roads on their way to greener pastures…..

  6. Publius


    Oh, I forgot to mention Senator Betty Furness er…… Dick B who allegedly gradeeated from law school….

  7. Cos Cobber

    Whoops, did the white house just embarrass Malloy? Apparently raiding the gas tax fund to balance his no compromise budget has consequences…

    And where are our members on capital hill?


  8. Anonymous

    our roads suck…I95 in Fairfield is one of the reasons behind job loss. The root cause of the problem….the “project” at Exit 14, where there is a lot of equipment and Jersey barriers, but rarely anyone working there. My assumption is that is a gov’t funded and managed boondoggle that will go on in perpetuity. Probably a lot of “no-show” jobs to keep the gov’t unions happy so they give big money to Malloy and the rest of his cronies.

    • Cos Cobber

      Reading between the lines, the number 1 problem for employers in FF County is transportation challenges for their employees, followed by state regulations and then taxes. Companies that move up the line or out of state will often cite employee complaints about traffic as a reason for moving/leaving ahead of any other.

      • Publius


        Spot on. As a “seasoned” veteran of commuting between CT and NY and now within CT, I can say with some authority that the ability to get people around the state is awful. If you don’t live on or near the New Haven line and work near it, you are screwed. It is also very expensive and recently wildly unreliable. I commute from the east to Greenwich and I have taken the train and have given the roads a go. It’s hard to imagine but as bad as Metro North has been, it is still faster to take the train than to drive. I95 from Bridgeport to the NY State line is congested at 6:30 am on weekdays. It is as bad or worse than the California freeways.

        • Libertarian Advocate

          Sorry, NOTHING beats the freeways through and around Los Angeles for a truly DISMAL commute. Not even I95 between NYS and Clinton.