Just a few days ago, I pointed out that Harvard Law teaches its students to lie, distort and ignore facts…


"Well okay, this didn't really happen in 2014, but it COULD have" Samantha Power

“Well okay, this didn’t really happen in 2014, but it COULD have” Samantha Power

US Ambassador to the U.N. Samantha Power (Harvard Law 1999) blames collapse of Benin hotel on “global warming” and uses 12-year-old photo to “prove” it.  No one in Obama’s administration, from the State Department to the Department of Justice, the IRS, the EPA, and on down hasn’t been revealed as a liar. That’s a remarkable record.


 U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Samantha Power posted photos on Twitter Wednesday to illustrate the purported effects of climate change on a West African nation’s coastline, but the pictures show a hotel that collapsed into the sea 12 years ago, the victim of erosion blamed largely on years of illegal mining of coastal sand.

“Had sobering meeting with Benin’s U.N. Ambassador, who described the devastating effects of climate change on his coastal country,” she tweeted. “Showed me chilling photos of eroding coastline, said ‘that’s climate change – a daily life of falling in the sea.’”

Although not identified by Power, the two photos posted with the tweet are of the remains of the Palm Hotel in Cotonou, the largest city in Benin, a small, narrow country tucked between Nigeria and Togo. The building collapsed in 2002, 20 years after it was built.

A Nexis search of news reports going back almost two decades shows that Benin, like its Gulf of Guinea neighbors, has long struggled with coastal erosion, a problem recorded since the 1960s.

The earlier reports, however, say nothing about climate change, rising sea levels or melting icecaps.

Instead, the erosion is attributed largely to activity by locals and poor decision-making by authorities in the affected countries, and in Cotonou’s particular case to the city’s location on a narrow strip of low-lying land, between a large lake and the sea.


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7 responses to “Just a few days ago, I pointed out that Harvard Law teaches its students to lie, distort and ignore facts…

  1. Yos

    There’s a lesson here somewhere about houses built upon sand, all that.

    However, be kind and don’t pile on. (cough)

  2. It must give Dems orgasms when their “leaders” lie. E.g., Eliz Warren, the fake Indian affirmative action candidate was elected knowingly by Dems.

  3. Peg

    “House of sand and fog” – eh?

    Sometimes I think that they are incapable of truth telling.

    Perhaps I would be, if I subscribed to their beliefs and actions.

  4. Libertarian Advocate

    She’s a redhead. Didn’t you post a story recently how globull warming is going to kill off the red-head gene in 50 years or something along those lines? That would be yet another upside to non-existant AGW, since that red-head gene seems to travel in tandem with the “bat shit crazy bitch” gene.

  5. housecat

    Now, now. That asuumes Harvard Law School actually aims to teach its students. Do they still forgo grading First Year, or am I confusing it with Yale?