The Queen of Mean is back – or her mausoleum is


Rogues Hill Road

521 Rogues Hill Road

The Helmsley house has been shrunk (by 5,000 feet), renovated and placed back on the market for $65 million.

The gated, 40-acre property was last sold by the Helmsley estate to an undisclosed buyer in 2010 for $35 million, Ms. [Jane] Basham said. At the time, it was among the priciest deals ever in the affluent town, although it sold for far less than its initial $125 million price tag. Less than a year later, the new owners relisted the house for nearly $43 million when they had “a change of plans,” said Ms. Basham. They then decided to renovate the property before selling and took it off the market, said Ms. Basham, who declined to identify the owners.

The renovation took about three years and involved removing some wings of the house, Ms. Basham said. Now, at roughly 17,000 square feet, the nine-bedroom, 11-bathroom house is somewhat smaller than it was during the Helmsley era, she said. It has a new staircase, a new kitchen with a La Cornue stove, butler’s pantry and new mechanical systems. The Ludowici tile roof was removed, rebuilt and reinstalled.

“It’s a whole new place,” Ms. Basham said, adding that the renovation “took it from looking like a museum to becoming a home.”


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17 responses to “The Queen of Mean is back – or her mausoleum is

  1. John

    There is another 20k sq foot home being built on the corner as well. Heard that is coming on for 65 million.

  2. Inagua

    Translation: A speculator paid $35 million; failed to flip it for a quick gain; doubled down with some renovations; and now wants an even bigger gain. Good luck.

    • Exactly. After they paid $35 million for it they tried flipping it for $43, no doubt because they thought they’d scored a bargain (“Look! It was $125,000,000, now it’s $55 million and we got it for just $35! We won!” When the world dissuaded them of that notion, they renovated and tried again. Good luck indeed.

  3. Flash

    Is this a MLS listing? Or one of those pocket listings discovered by WSJ?

  4. Anon

    Don’t forget the house comes with a curse. Every owner has had some disaster befall him or her after purchasing it except one, who bought it but never moved in.

  5. Anonymous

    Where is Rogues Hill Road lol

    • The road that was formerly known as Round Hill Road, before its citizens were all sent off to prison for tax fraud, insurance fraud, insider trading, violation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and deadly assault.

  6. Stanwich

    I don’t get it, at this price range people will have the money to do what they want to the house. The owner has dumped money into the place and ripped out a lot of the old details — details that a potential buyer might have found attractive. The inside now just looks like every other large house in Greenwich: dark brown wood floors, white marble, etc. Let’s fast forward this movie, we’ve all seen it before. It will probably sell for around the same price they paid for it or eventually be taken by a lender.

    Any info on the owners?

  7. EOSredux

    The house has that certain Going back to Manderley cold creepiness that Mrs. Danvers conveyed so well to the second Mrs. deWinter…..great flick.

  8. LAK

    I thought she left everything to her dog?

  9. Fred2

    Needs some trees and ivy to soften it.

  10. Anonymous

    You don’t have to be familiar with the original design to know that something is missing to the north. Big mistake.