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Well of course it’s in West Virginia


West Virginian virgin: a boy who kin run faster'n his cousins

West Virginian virgin: a boy who kin run faster’n his cousins

Cornhole champion to be determined in W. VA.


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Probably a school teacher


First Date

First Date

62-year-old woman marries 9-year-old boy.


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Tantric or new fangled, this ought to ruin a number of sex lives (or sex lives will ruin a number of marriages)




New app tracks every phone, text or email, plus Face Book activity. But it’s illegal to download it into your spouse’s phone without permission (uh huh)

Anyone worried their husband or wife is having an affair can allay – or confirm – their worst fears with a new smartphone app.

Called mCouple, it enables users to track almost every detail of someone’s life.

The app gives access to every phone call, text and email and any activity on Skype and Facebook, as well as pictures and videos taken on a mobile device.

Users can even record their partner’s mobile phone conversations – and track their movements using GPS technology.

The app was created by London-based firm mSpy, which stressed that users must gain consent before downloading the device on to their partner’s phone.

The company mainly markets it to parents looking to keep tabs on their children or bosses monitoring the behaviour of their staff, but acknowledges that a lot of customers use the technology to try to catch a cheating spouse.


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