Well of course it’s in West Virginia


West Virginian virgin: a boy who kin run faster'n his cousins

West Virginian virgin: a boy who kin run faster’n his cousins

Cornhole champion to be determined in W. VA.


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9 responses to “Well of course it’s in West Virginia

  1. towny

    That game sounds about exciting as golf.

  2. Anonymous

    well known blog used to sell greenwich, CT real estate hits new low!

  3. Libertarian Advocate

    This may be your weirdest post EVAH!

    • Monody

      Maybe it was too nice outside to think about worthy blogging over the weekend. At least Sen. Blumenthal was using his noggin, partnering with Putz Schumer on hard-hitting laws.

      Chuck Schumer
      Fairness to Pet Owners Act will open up the pet meds market, allow owners to shop around & drive exorbitant costs down. W/ @SenBlumenthal

  4. Al Dente

    This blog has deteriorated to childish , rude drivel, Mr. Poopy Pants!

    • Babylon Sister

      Great article – no one says it better than a convert

      In defense of the Peace Corps…. Not *all* of them are extreme leftists