The genius of anglo saxon jurisprudence

Mr. Nigel Sykes, victim of soup Nazis

Mr. Nigel Sykes, victim of soup Nazis

From, this: Federal judge refuses to toss out suit brought by thwarted pizza robber.

The first time Nigel Sykes tried to get money from the Seasons Pizza in Newport, he did it with a gun, forcing his way into the business through the back door.

This time, Sykes is trying to get money from the pizzeria by suing the employees who tackled him and wrestled his gun away during the robbery. Sykes alleges assault in a federal civil complaint claiming the rough treatment was “unnecessary” and that as a result of the injuries he suffered during his attempted hold-up, he is due over $260,000.

Normally lawsuits like this are tossed out after a brief review by the court. And while U.S. District Judge Sue L. Robinson tossed out several of Sykes’ claims, she allowed the case to move forward against the pizza employees, two arresting officers and Seasons.

Mr. Sykes, who feels aggrieved by the pummeling received by store employees and the “hot soup” they poured on him, blames the robbery on an unidentified third party who, after robbing Mr. Sykes himself at gun point, handed him the gun and ordered him to go inside and rob the joint.


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4 responses to “The genius of anglo saxon jurisprudence

  1. A jury will laugh this clown out of court in world record time.

  2. Anon

    That guy does not appear to be an Anglo Saxon to me.

  3. gnawbone

    Someday Judges this liberal, or stupid, will have to be careful about venturing out in public. So tired of these pestilent people.

  4. Libertarian Advocate

    What’d a ya wanna bet his lawyers are looking to get paid something for their efforts?