Fund raiser for my son, John (bumped, again, on the advice of FWIW’s on-staff genius, Walt and now, other readers)

John Fountain

John Fountain

UPDATE: You guys are fantastic – $35,000 and climbing. I can’t adequately express my deep gratitude, but please know that, aside from raising my spirits and reaffirming my faith in people, you have sent John’s soaring, which is the real point of all this. He will now have the independence to rent a place of his own this fall (not that his parents would have left him on the street, but he feels in control now, thanks to all of you) and he’s busy checking off things to do on his list. He’s in Portland OR with his sister Kate now, off to a cancer patient vacation on Catalina for four days beginning Thursday. Camping, swimming and snorkeling in the kelp forests. Thank you from the entire family.


As I’ve previously mentioned, my son John, 31, was diagnosed in late May with stage IV colon cancer that has spread to his liver and lymph nodes and indeed, throughout his body. There’s basically nothing to be done to cure it, and his prognosis is bleak.

While statistically, the average life expectancy for people with this form of cancer, at this stage, is 9 months, and, for some unknown reason it tends to spread even more quickly in younger patients, John is far more optimistic than those odds would allow, and his spirits are high. John’s little sister Sarah has started a fund raiser to help him with expenses and to fund a bucket list (funny, ha ha, that term, for things to do before one kicks the bucket, is usually used figuratively, or at least without a genuine belief in the need for speed), and to help him stay in his own place while he can.

Our family, of course is doing what we can, and beyond, but expenses accrue, and between that and Sarah’s own need to help her adored older brother, it seemed to me that I should not hide behind a false sense of pride and instead, ask my readers to, if they wish to, add to Sarah’s fund. Proceeds – Sarah’s and John’s friends have been generous – are already being used – John flew to Portland Oregon yesterday to spend a week with his sister Kate, then he’ll head for LA to be with his cousins, and then back home, where he will begin palliative chemo-therapy on August 11th. So that’s the status, here’s a link to his fundraiser – thank you.

UPDATE: Ha! Here’s a picture from Sarah’s Facebook, from happier days. Sarah, Katie, Casey the Wonder Dog and John. Sarah and friends


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  1. Cos Cobber

    I am stunned. I did not pick up on the terrible prognosis. My heart goes out to john and your family.

  2. Life’s been a series of emotional upheavals since John’s diagnosis in May. Fear (that pesky, burdensome thing) runs hope amuck, thereby leaving me in a state of paralysis. Thank God, that’s where friends have come in.

    The support our family has received has been overwhelmingly beautiful. People have been coming out from the woodworks to express their condolences and offer experiences of their own. Each act of kindness seems to have a ripple effect in terms of positivity.

    What I’ve learned about cancer thus far is that it eats mind, body, and wallet. John is combating cancer in all three aspects. His mind is connected to his outlook, which is amazing all on its own; he is a pillar of strength. His spirits are lifted by the compassion of friends, family, and complete strangers. His wallet is supported by the generosity of love and kindheartedness.

    Knowing that John’s in Oregon with my sister (who hasn’t been able to afford a flight home amidst the turmoil) warms my heart. While I’m grateful for Western medicine and the advancements in chemotherapy, I’m also SO grateful for the healing process via happiness. I’ve been reading a book about the principles of health and well-being on how love heals, written by an M.D:

    “Everything we think, everything we say, everything we do, is either health creating or health negating. When we begin to look at health and healing that way, we can enter the realm of health creation from anywhere-nutrition, exercise, contemplative practice, or relationship.”

    The fundraiser contributes to all of the above and then some. My brother’s quality of life has already drastically, wonderfully, improved because of the “Help John Kick Ass Cancer in the Face” donations. Eating healthy, being with family, receiving guidance, and not having the stress of finance, is just…wow.

    Thank you, everybody.

    • Toonces

      You’re a wonderful sister Sarah. I hope you get to 20,000 today and start raising another fund right away. Thinking of you and your family.

  3. anonymouse

    So sorry, CF. Your son and family are in my prayers. I will gladly visit Sarah’s site. It’s a wonderful idea…

  4. EOSredux

    Hate that this is happening to John but so glad you reached out to us to help.

  5. Mickster

    Some serious bucks coming in from readers…great to see..i think you’ll make the goal by the end of the day. Lets all share it with our Facebook friends too and get the word out!

  6. Anonymous

    I’m in

  7. Cobra

    Hope we each will help. Your son is a brave man.

  8. My mother lived eleven years after being diagnosed with stage IV Non-Hodkins Lymphoma that had metastasised to her bones, liver, uterus, and stomach. And even then the cancer did not kill her. Don’t give up hope. Ever.

  9. Anonymous

    So sorry to see this news….very sorry.YOu should have your son contact the Ct Sports foundation against cancer..This foundation helps people like John, discreetly…..MY Prayer is with John.

  10. Joh will keep fighting, amazed by John’s spirit and other’s I have known battling this disease. There is also a CT bike challenge this weekend to support people with cancer. Some people from OG are riding to raise money for friends & family ( Donate to John’s fund, but if you can give to both that would be great.

  11. Anonymous Citizenette

    My heart goes out to you John and your family. Life really sucks sometimes. Am happy to contribute.

  12. anon

    How do you contribute and show your screen name? Instructions please, anyone.

    • EOSredux

      Funny, I had to get help from Lib Adv for same. You go through the process and ask to Remain Anonymous, click that box but when you get past actually making the donation, another box comes up and you can change the gray “anonymous” to match your screen name. It doesn’t look like you can. The key is making sure you click the box “remain anonymous”. I also chose to hide the amount I gave. Hope that helps.

    • Cos Cobber

      Um, just go through the link and they give you an opportunity.

  13. Anonymous

    Chris, I had no idea of the bleak prognosis from your other posts. Glad to pitch in. My heart goes out to you and your family.

  14. Inagua

    Chris – I didn’t like the 7.9% fee. I will send a check. Is 6 West Putnam Avenue, Greenwich CT 06830 the correct mailing address?

    • 88% of goal and going fast!

      You have a choice whether or not you want to pay that….

      • Minutes away from hitting the goal!!

        Wow, another couple of biggies just hit!!!

      • Toonces

        Yes – you have a choice to pay if so that it doesn’t come right out of your donation . That’s what I did, but it’s a lot! However, It is great that there are companies willing to allow someone to create a fundraising web site on the spot. Capitalism baby.

      • Inagua

        If I don’t pay it John gets $40 less on a $500 gift. I think he can wait a few days for the full amount. An 8% processing fee is more than I am willing to pay. Does Kick Starter charge this much? I don’t remember what the vig was when we helped pay for the Band Bus. Does Pay Pal offer this service?

        • anonamoo

          In the scheme of life Inagua, what’s a few bucks fee? It’s probably less than a night poker loss or dinner in town. Do it, add to the excitement of watching the total increase.

        • Mickster

          These sites usually charge 5% – the extra 2.9% is for the credit card companies

    • Inagua, I saw that rather outrageous slice (although hell, it’s less than the government takes for its own redistribution efforts) but Sarah chose the organization for the assistance it gave her in setting up and keeping track of donors to thank. The fee is optional to the donor and for sure, we’re happy to pay it, not you or anyone else.
      And thank you, and thank you all.

      • Monody

        Our information is available to Sarah? Addresses, amounts we gave? Just curious.

        • Anonymous

          Absolutely not – the payment processing company only has that info – these things are always done very professionally

        • Monody

          I only asked because Chris said Sarah would have a list to thank. That assumes she knows who we are. I’ve got no arrest record to hide, just curious.

        • I have credit card info, home addresses, and social security numbers! Mwahaha!

          I kid, I kid. The Giveforward “crew” does a great job with this site security. They said it’s not professional to rob donors. Drat. I’m privy only to the name of contributors (should they choose to provide their name) and donation amounts.

          It’s been extremely rewarding to extend personal thank-you’s (via email) to all the beautiful souls out there on FWIW, even if it may take me until next year!

          So if I haven’t thanked you yet, (Monody), THANK YOU!!!!!


  15. Cos Cobber

    Walt and friends just pushed it over 20k….delighted to see it got done before noon!

  16. EOSredux

    $20K HIT. 11:24AM. wowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowow

    • Mickster

      Awesome – goes to show there ARE good people on this blog….

    • One of my kids (who shall remain nameless) texted me, “wow, your readers are really coming through! So conservative yet …so generous”. I pointed out to my child that conservatives believe in freely giving when they want and to whom they want, while liberals just seize what they can reach. Life lesson for all three of my kids.

      $20,000, by the way, was Sarah’s wildly optimistic guess as to what she could raise. No limit, despite the number!

      • Toonces

        There are so many studies about where charitable contributions come from. A larger percentage come from conservative people and larger still from religious people. I know you know that – just sharing with the group here, who mostly know that too. I love the stories of what certain politicians give as a percent of their incomes. Telling, indeed.

      • Stanwich

        Sarah wildly underestimated her father’s capabilities. Best wishes to you and your family CF.

      • Mickster

        John is going to need a lot more than that so keep it up

      • Anonymous

        I am a liberal and I donated. I wish your son the best. I can’t imagine how difficult this must be for the whole family.

      • towny

        Fountain 11:33
        Fuckin A. Liberals don’t even tip.

        For those who wonder about the attraction of FWIW: It is the 3 T’s. Truth, Troll, and Trainwreck. That’s what makes it entertaining.

        And for those of you that don’t know and never will……Outside of FWIW and RE, old CF is in the lifesaving business. The poor bastard dosent make a dime on it, and never will, yet he helps A LOT of people and has many satisfied customers.

  17. Walt

    Dude –
    I don’t know if I can properly express in words what I want to say, but I will try.

    Firstly, thanks for posting this. If people don’t ask for help, we can’t help each other. And that would be a loss to all of us.

    Secondly, never give up hope, and stay positive. Miracles do happen, and state of mind matters. It truly does.

    Fourthly, and this is the most important point, which is why I mention it first, CHERISH EVERY MOMENT!! The biggest thing we are ALL guilty of, which we ALL take for granted, IS TIME!! It’s irreplaceable, yet we all piss it away, every day. Think of all the hours you have pissed away surfing Jap school girl porn, while playing with your little pocket puppy. Well that may be a bad example, but you know what I mean.

    We all think we are invincible, and have unlimited time. Well we don’t, and unfortunately, it is times like this that make us realize that. People always say they want to die in their sleep. I think that’s a cowards way to go. You don’t get to say goodbye, and do the things you always wanted to do. And what we should all learn, is if you have things to say to people, you should say it. Don’t wait, because we could all be gone tomorrow. Did I ever tell you that you are a load?

    Anyhows, as I said earlier, miracles really do happen, and I hope your son has many wonderful years ahead. People can cram a lot of living into a short period if they stay positive and don’t waste time. We should all learn from that.

    Wishing you and the family all the best.

    Your Pal,

    PS – And it’s a good thing Sarah didn’t only accept that Pay Pal crap and not credit cards. THAT WOULD HAVE PISSED ME OFF!

  18. Cos Cob baby

    Thoughts and prayers are with you; happy to donate

  19. Greenwich Mom, M&P

    Wishing you and your entire family peace and joy. So heart-warming to see family and friends rally around those we love. I hope John (and all of us) have thousands more beautiful sunrises, glowing orange sunsets, snow-filled mountains and flowing oceans in our future.Thanks for the reminder to enjoy and appreciate every single day.

  20. Anonymous

    Sarah —
    Not all of your Father’s readers are conservatives. His narrow-minded, so-sure-of-himself views drive me crazy.
    But — he is funny, as are his readers. And lots of stuff (other than that dumb conservative crap) is really good.

  21. brian puck

    I guess it is true…beauty can be found in everything.
    …and Anonymous @ 1:06pm Thank you for the totally affirmed Mr Fountain’s views. No wonder he is so sure-of-himself.

  22. Pal Nancy

    Thank you to all from the bottom of my heart for your kind thoughts, positive energy and overall generosity.

  23. Anonymous

    Once upon a time before we became wards of the state, people used to just help each other because it was the right thing to do. Whether is was a mutual aid society or a church group, neighbors knew who truly needed help and that help was given in a discrete and dignified manner. 100% of the aid flowed directly to those in need. No government machine existed to clip a large vig to keep themselves in business.

    I am naive, I know, to think that we could start to move back towards that model of mutual aid, but for those who think that the generosity exhibited by FOF (Friends of Fountain) is extraordinary, I would argue that it is not. It is just what we Americans tend to do when someone needs a hand; we just give it without much ado.

    • Libertarian Advocate

      You are right, which is exactly what the statist left HATES most about America.

      • Inagua

        LA – You raise an interesting point. Assume that a young man of modest means is struck with a catastrophic illness, which will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to treat. How do you recommending paying for his treatment?

        • Toonces

          I recommend changing the FDA, then the treatment would not cost so much. They make it extraordinarily expensive to buy drugs because they require so much testing. If you have a serious illness you should be allowed to take a medicine without FDA approval. Some drugs cost 100,000 or more per year per patient.

        • Publius

          If this country offered true insurance as opposed to pre paid medical plans disguised as insurance it would work as follows with the concession that all forms of insurance (life, property etc) have a certain amount of subsidy contained within the insured risk pool:

          We would be able to buy catastrophic medical insurance that would have a higher deductible than the traditional pre paid medical “insurance” that we experience now, combined with a MSA where individuals would be allowed to funnel money into to pay for routine expenses. There would be no expiration on the funds in an MSA and if not spent can be invested and can accumulate and if so and can be passed on to heirs. Routine expenses and “maintenance” would be paid out of pocket, so the premium on the catastrophic insurance would be lower and more affordable to a person of “modest means”. If one takes care of oneself, excluding the bad genes effect, than that arrangement would suit well. Here is the concession….. the catastrophic health plan premium, as with all insurance would have an implied subsidy of participants in the plan because of the effects of adverse selection (bad genes) in the pool. However this “subsidy” would be less/lower than what is inherent in these high premium, gilt “”insurance” pre paid plans of today.

          These lower premium catastrophic types of plans existed until ACA considered them “inferior” and dictated plans whereby men are covered for OB/GYN.. makes sense, no?

          This issue is not how to pay for it, the issue is getting Americans to understand that their health is the most important thing and to have more freedom and choice to build a plan that is affordable and works for them and getting the government out of the insurance business. Bad genetics are no one’s fault, I would suspect that most Americans agree with that, but these unwieldy and costly “insurance” plans waste money, money that could go towards more intelligent and effective private insurance markets that are not under the boot of government. Wasting less money puts more money in my pocket. More money in my pocket means that when someone I know is in a bind, I can write the check. That’s how it is supposed to work and that is how it can work.

          The true insurance market has been around for centuries and the basic premise is that you spread the risk of an adverse outcome among a large pool of participants so the underwriters can make an adequate return on their risk and the participants in the pool are afforded insurance at a lower rate because of the risk dispersion. Does that sound like our current “health care insurance” system? I don’t think so. The “how do we pay for this?” question is a false choice because we always pay for it in some way shape or form. The only issue is can we stop wasting a lot of money and let people keep more and take care of themselves outside the domain of government?

          What if John F had a plan like this and his out of pocket was say…… $15,000 and after that it picked up 100%. Given what has transpired today, he would be in a better place financially and when you are ill that is surely one less burden to carry.

        • Inagua

          “What if John F had a plan like this….”

          Publius – How many single 31 year old men do you think would voluntarily buy such a plan?

    • Anonymous

      anon at 1:59pm. So well said. Thank you.

      • Fred2

        Wait you think healthy young people would Not buy cheap catastrophic insurance – since thats basically only kind they’d likely need?!

  24. CEA

    I thought you might be interested to see this obit on “Ace” Greenberg, who just died at age 84 – and was diagnosed at age 31 with colon cancer and given poor odds. I’ll remain full of hope that this will be the case for John.

    “Six years later, at 31, he was made partner and began managing the firm’s principal investments. He also was diagnosed with colon cancer and given a 25 percent chance to live.”

  25. EOSredux

    I wonder if we’ve made any Give Forward record by donating over $10k in a 7 hour period. I imagine they keep stats. I see Sarah has increased the dream amount to $50k. I hope you reach or exceed it very soon.

    Mickster, the ball got started this morning by Libertarian Advocate with a very generous sum, so HE singularly gets the FWIW jump-start credit. Plus, he told me how to enter my screen name. That’s extra credit.

    • Mickster

      Good of you to OUT him and great on him to get the ball seriously rolling – made a HUGE difference!!

  26. Publius


    That is a different question than asked.

    “a young man of modest means is struck with a catastrophic illness, which will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to treat. How do you recommending paying for his treatment?”

    I answered the question you asked. If your questions is

    “How do you make a 31 year old buy some kind of basic health insurance?”

    I don’t know the answer to that question, because it is one of personal choice and I would not claim to know how anyone other then myself ticks.

    With my apologies to the Fountain family for the intrusion on their situation.

    • Inagua

      Publius – Many single young men do not choose to voluntarily purchase health insurance. And when medical catastrophe strikes, they receive treatment that they do not pay for. The most efficient way I know of to avoid this is to require that everyone to purchase a basic, no frills, major medical type policy. It seems to work for Switzerland.

      • In fact, John purchased a bare bones medical policy in Colorado but because, I assume, it was partially subsidized by that state, it doesn’t transfer to Maine. My kids are each paying several hundred a month for insurance, and that’s hard for musicians and the like to scratch up on a regular basis.

      • Publius

        I do get the issue of young people not buying insurance even if they can afford to do so, to wit the idiotic marketing campaign under ACA to get young people to sign up. Clearly you mandate insurance which is the kinder gentler solution or the harshest solution is to I believe according to POTUS is give them a pain killer. Again apologies to the Fountain’s

  27. Yogi Berra

    When you come to a fork in the road, take it!!

  28. Lemonlulu

    don’t forget to re-post in a few weeks when the nantucketers are back. god bless your family CF, I am really sorry you are going through this but pray he will be an inspiration to us all. he already is.

  29. Lemonlulu

    p.s. I was already sent the link from a friend yesterday and I posted to my FB page, people pls forward the link to your friends or put on FB!!!

  30. Mickster

    Would be great to see it blow through the 30k mark tonight!

  31. Mark B.

    Chris, FWIW, I have posted links to this thread and a link to the fundraiser on the New York Firearms forum.
    For those who might have forgotten, I reminded my fellow gun owners on that forum of how magnificently you handled the Journal News buffoons a while back, and what you did for all of us that time.
    I can’t guess if this will help the fundraiser or to what degree, but we are a grateful bunch, and the forum is overflowing with great people – keep your fingers crossed.
    Praise God, and my prayers are with you all.
    Mark B.

  32. Peg

    Been at a bridge tournament in Vegas all week, so very little looking at anything except AKxx, KJxxx, Ax, xx.

    I am stunned. And I will contribute.

    And my heart is with you and your family.

  33. Wishing everyone the best. Sending a donation and some hope…

  34. Anonymous

    Keep it going folks. Just added my Anonymous $1k. Thanks for all your hard work and wishing your son and the entire family strength and courage.

  35. Jane

    Please keep bumping this to the top of your feed. Sending love, karma and hope.

  36. Walt

    Dude –
    Glad to see you bumped this again. We can get to $50k.

    Have you twattered this at all? It may get you some good exposure. While I am a big fan of the twat, I have never twattered. It is limited to 140 characters. I don’t know why. But if and when I ever twatter, I don’t want to be constrained by any word limits. It’s too constraining. Like the bikini briefs you are so fond of. You pervert.

    And they have this whole hash tag thing going on. As far as I can tell, after you make your brief 140 character statement, in incomprehensible language, you then need to sum it up with a hash tag comment. Kind of like this:

    Waz up people? U down with cash for Chris? #illiteratehack.

    Hey Homies? WAZZUP!! Do a solid and dig deep for John: #MYNIGGAHS!!

    At least I think that is how it works. You should check it out. It seems to work with your “writing style”. And ask people to re-twat it for you. Whatever that means.

    Your Pal,

  37. Col d beers

    100% organic honey oil (simpson oil) and tincture is said to send stage 3 colon into remmision and to seriously aid in chemo side affects. Oil for vapes is available in Kalifornia.

  38. Mrs. Balzac and I are in. God bless your son and your family, and thanks for asking.
    Who said “God bless the cheerful giver”?
    There are many cheerful givers among your readers.

  39. RangeRoverSport

    Gee, I hope my “Cos Cob sized” donation will be accepted. 🙂

    All joking aside, I find your blog to be very valuable and extremely entertaining, so thank you for bumping the post again and giving me the opportunity to donate to your son’s cause. Rock on, John!

    Love and light to you and your family.

    • You all have done wondrous things for John’s spirits and our whole family’s. My profound gratitude to everyone who’s helped in any way, and you all have. Thank you.

  40. ACPT

    I am stunned and saddened. My heart goes out to John and the entire family. You are an amazing strength for him.