Somehow, I just know these two stories are related – or will be soon


Ooh! Ooh! Go, Lankrees!

Ohmygodohmygodohmygod! Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! Go, Lankrees!

Bluetooth-enabled vibrators give long distance orgasms.

Floundering Korean baseball team installs robot fans in its stadium. 

Maybe the bluetooth thingie can get those robots hopping and squirming around and really add life to the otherwise-empty seats?


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3 responses to “Somehow, I just know these two stories are related – or will be soon

  1. can i get my bluetooth-enabled teledildonic make me a sandwich afterwards?

  2. Walt

    Dude –
    I see your son’s fundraiser is at $39,148, still short of the revised goal of $50,000. A total of 229 people have donated. So if I am doing my gazintas properly, and I am quite sure I am, that is an average donation of only SEVENTY FIVE CENTS!! Less than a pack of Juicyfruit!! The gum Dude. Not your most recent rub and tugger. You pervert.

    THIS IS A DISGRACE!! We are the richest town on the planet!! We have more hedge funders and Wall Street tycoons than Cos Cob has snow plows!! You have how many alleged “readers” who visit this site EVERYDAY, to read your vile, disgusting writing for some unknown reason? FOR FREE!! AND THAT IS THE BEST WE GOT?? A tiny, tiny little small fraction open their wallet for this cause? THIS SICKENS ME!! BUNP IT AGAIN!!

    They can’t donate what they piss away on one lunch with their Mistressesesses? The price the hausfrau’s spend for a “deep body massage” at the day spa? Give me a break. Skip one week with your landscaper and KICK THAT IN!!

    And kudos to the anonymous dude who kicked in one large. That was impressive.

    So step it up people. You will feel good about yourself for making a difference.

    Anyhows, do you have ordering information for this magical orgasm machine? If so, please send it to me. And if it works like advertised, this may be my last post.

    Your Pal,

  3. Anonymous

    I am and remain flabberghasted by your latest post Walt. Good for CF who has raised the money to pay for his son’s treatment and hospital bills. But what is the cost of health insurance these days? Since the Obama plan set in, the cost of health insurance for many has doubled (i.e. has become unaffordable for many). CF’s son presumably was not covered under any health care plan and the treatment costs on account of his illness exceeded his resources. But since CF is someone who is in the position who can ask for support and that support is provided all is cozy and good. Whoever would contribute to anyone unknown in a time of need?? Except you would like everyone to give more. Everyone can not afford to give like you make out Walt. Many others are skating on the same thin line of not having insurance coverage when they had previously carried it. Maybe we do see some things different after all. Do you even understand your own hypocrisy? You should run for a political office. I would support you.