Forget rogue meteors, for now


Back in print?

Back in print?

Ebola-infected passenger who died in Nigeria was U.S. citizen was on his way home to Minnesota.

Patrick Sawyer died this week after becoming noticeably ill on a flight from Liberia in West Africa, where the worst ever outbreak of Ebola is gathering pace, to the city of Lagos in Nigeria. His case sparked alarm across the globe because he was able to board an international flight while carrying the incurable disease – potentially infecting other passengers who could fly across the world in a nightmare scenario for health experts.

In our brave new world of global travel, pandemics don’t stay in Las Vegas – or anywhere else – anymore.

UPDATE: And even worse than the guy next to your breathing Ebola in your ear, … Delta passengers disgusted after Chinese family lets toddler crap on his seat.

Passengers kicked up a stink on a flight from Beijing to Detroit this week after a family allowed their toddler to defecate on his seat, according to reports.

Travellers on board the Delta Airlines flight allegedly watched in horror as the young Chinese boy’s parents laid down newspaper on his chair and encouraged him to relieve himself there and then

. Despite pleas from passengers and crew to take him to the cabin toilet, the boy’s grandfather and grandmother – who were also on the plane – insisted on letting the boy settle there, it was claimed.

Passenger Luolan Gang Wang told Sina News that once the boy had finished his business, its smell began slowly to waft through the cabin sparking a wave of disgust among fellow travellers.


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10 responses to “Forget rogue meteors, for now

  1. Al Dente

    Obama (the Black Plague) would love to have a nice epidemic ravaging the country, it would be good cause to suspend elections.

  2. Walt

    Dude –
    Are you a cultural illiterate? DON’T ANSWER THAT!! It is obvious that the little crapper in question, whose real gook name is Sum Ting Stink, is from the Northern Chinese Province of Poo Ping. This practice is entirely acceptable there. So get with the program, you little twit.

    Under the current liberal progressive dogma, we should be EMBRACING THESE PEOPLE!! Diversity DUDE!! Even though we are all the same. Learn some cultural tolerance, or you will never fit in.

    Anyhows, just so you know, the province of Poo Ping was formed under the Yu Stin Ki Poo dynasty, and this type of behavior is totally acceptable. In fact it is encouraged.

    Proctor & Gamble, the maker of Pampers, your favorite product, has been trying for YEARS to unfairly stigmatize this practice, because they want those BILLIONS of little yellow asses to buy and shit in there product. Pure capitalistic GREED, which the Liberals so detest.

    The current commie in charge of the province, Tai Ni Turd, has been fighting to retain their cultural heritage, and has decided to send thousands of little “Crap Ambassadors” around the world to get others to embrace this practice. It has P&G freaking out.

    So, the boy’s grandparents, Hu Flung Dung and No Wash Di Pers, were just clinging to ancient Chinese tradition, which is unfairly under attack by western, narrow minded, culturally insensitive ignorant conservatives. That would be you, Dude.

    Now. NOW!! The Ms. Gang Wang, quoted in the article, is from the Southern Chinese Province of Ai Bang Yu Nao, an entirely different culture. But that is a story for another time.

    Your Pal,

  3. Anonymous Bosch

    O/T. Happy birthday man… Walt and I have decided to start up an online collection so you can import yourself a dutiful Vietnamese bride. No more need for the local Rub & Tugs. You can say thank you now!

  4. Walt

    Dude –
    I didn’t know it was your birthday. Have a good one. Do this. Go buy a ton of helium balloons, and dress up in your clown costume. Go to Binney Park, and give the balloons to all the little toddlers, so they can share your birthday joy!! Report back when you get out.

    And. AND!! We are culturally tolerant of the slums and their sharia law? Men being allowed to kill their wives? Cutting peoples HEADS OFF!!

    We tolerate that, but we FREAK OUT when some little gook pinches a loaf on a plane? At least he used a newspaper. And I hope it was the NYT. It would be the first time in years that rag sheet actually served a useful purpose.

    Have a great Birthday. You load.
    Your Pal,

  5. poo. a cultural ‘thing’:

  6. Peg

    MINNAHSOTA??! Ebola?!

    Does this mean that soon I won’t have to worry if the market drops 30%?

    I always look for the silver lining 🙂

  7. housecat

    Remember when Americans were considered the Tourists From Hell?

    • Anonymous

      yeah that’s when they actually had money to travel

      • housecat

        Wear that maple leaf with pride, pal. Meantime, I’m gonna’ shoot me sum squirrel fer dinner. We shur is broke here in Green-witch!