Riverside Contract


48 Bramble Lane

48 Bramble Lane

48 Bramble Lane, $3.995 million. One-third of an acre, 6,700 sq. feet (a lot of which is basement). Zillow calculates that as $225 per sq. ft., which suggests that you bring on your own calculator to the Zillow site. Really nice house, and there have now been enough sales on Bramble in this price range that it’s safe to say it’s a $4 million neighborhood.

I’m absolutely astonished.


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19 responses to “Riverside Contract

  1. astonished 🙂 or astonished :/ ?

    i believe it’s supposed to be calacatta marble, fwiw.

  2. Cos Cobber

    I love the interior of this home….sans a few fixtures. The exterior is fine, but could have been better…

  3. Stacy Pacifico

    Isn’t this the builders other house?

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  4. Anonymous

    It is an overdone, look at me, house. Tres tacky.

  5. Anonymous

    it’s got just the right amount of molding and wainscot to impress the social climbing lady and neutered man of the house who have absolutely no idea what a pain in the ass it is to have a lot of wainscot and moldings….

  6. EOSredux

    Something happened to my last sentence:

    should be:

    neat wain’scotting” (pronounced correctly)

    So yes, in a sense, social climbing.

    • Anonymous

      Don’t follow at all that it is social climbing to buy a house with a common design feature. Do you think the same about inground pools and granite countertops?

      • anon2

        Buyers today are trained seals, clapping at design features they see in magazines and in TV. There’s little thought today to classic design; it’s overdone this and too much that. The social climbers want what they are told is good, not what they might really want.

        • It was ever thus. Relax; it will be old money in 100 years, and gone to a new group in 150.

        • Cos Cobber

          says the agent with the house with pink bathrooms

        • Anonymous

          exactly. i know folks who think cabinet handles are critical elements of house purchase criteria. and who just MUST have that 6 burner stove….meanwhile the most often used appliance is the phone calling for takeout.

  7. Anonymous

    anon2 – you are too smart. your comment is correctimundo. young couples come here from the city and they want best school (riverside elementary) and they want to wallk kids to school (for a few weeks until au pair or nanny starts doing it). they want all the features which are found in these new homes. All home, no yard. yuk.

    • Anonymous

      Maybe we should retrofit an outhouse, a scullery, take out the AC and add a sleeping porch, remove the CAT 6 wiring in case they spend too much time on the Internet.

  8. From the Block

    Listen to you people. Nannies, 6 burner stoves and calling for takeout, wainscoting, whatever! It’s not for me either, but this is Greenwich. Relax everyone! Live and let live…