The curse of Greyledge continues

Ms. Shari Lampert prepares to address her housekeeper's wicked ways

Ms. Shari Lampert prepares to address her housekeeper’s wicked ways

Shari Lampert (not the Sears Lamperts) has had quite of time of things since she and her now former husband Spencer razed Col. Bolling’s estate, “Greyledge”, at 133-137 Doubling Road back in 2007. Her latest bid at notoriety is reported today after being arrested for teeing off on her house keeper with a five iron back in June.

One June 29th, police received a complaint of a physical altercation between an employer and her housekeeper. Police say 56-year-old Shari Gay Lampert had a tumultuous argument with her housekeeper and demanded restitution for the alleged damage the housekeeper had done in Lampert’s home while employed there. During the argument, Lampert wielded a golf club toward the victim before entering the victim’s car to take the victim’s purse and remove all of her cash from it. An investigation determined that there was enough evidence to arrest Lampert for larceny and disorderly conduct, police said. Lampert turned herself into Greenwich police Friday on an arrest warrant and was charged. Lampert was released on $2,000 bond and will appear in court August 1st.

Ms. Lambert seems to have some anger issues – she was arrested in January, 2012 for driving her car through the garage doors of her husband Spencer’s new digs, again in May, 2012 for a “domestic dispute”, and, it appears, a few other times as well.



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16 responses to “The curse of Greyledge continues

  1. earlier, that same day:

  2. Al Dente

    Reporting all those disturbances and arrests – you better hope she’s not a Realtor! Or black. Or a black Realtor! OMG!

  3. harrycan

    My question is what does this woman look like? She must have a fur lined vagina or be one hot POA in order for me to take her Sh*t.

  4. Quite the visual, harry can….

  5. Anonymous

    Maybe her husband made her sign a pre-nup.

  6. Lauren

    I thought that the “better sort” were judged by how they treated “the help.”
    Serves the lady right that she now has to face the judge with this bad behavior.

    • I thought that the “better sort” were judged by how they treated “the help.”
      They are, as are we all, and it applies to anyone who can’t retaliate: clerks, waiters at the country club, subordinates at work. This lady flunks the test.

  7. Mark B.

    BTW – CF, you likely already know this, but the golf stunt you included the photo of? It didn’t end well. The model got whacked in the butt (not the first time, I reckon) and is suing for a half mil.

    • I did know that, but the “after” shot wasn’t the look I was going for. It’s all about ratings here at FWIW.

      • Libertarian Advocate

        I used to advise Gidzo to shamelessly promote his blog with hottie shots, but he ignored me.

        • housecat

          He *does* get rather testy when the riff raff from brother CF’s blog (like myself) hits his. At least he just ignored you.

  8. AND, AND, a couple of years ago she hit a dog and just kept going without reporting it. I’d say the housekeeper was lucky…

  9. Jane

    I hate to pile on (well, not really) but when she hit the dog and kept going, the GPD was able to find her. At Warren Tricomi. True story. Really. Can’t make this stuff up.

  10. cc

    Is this the same Shari who had her daughter arrive at her bat mitzvah on an elephant? I guess in happier times Spencer bankrolled these RHOGwich events.

  11. Jane

    The Warren Tricomi incident is depicted in Greenwich Magazine this month. Just in case you thought I was making this up. But the crazy part is that when the dog owner called the police, they said “she is known to us”. And they had no issue finding her at the high end salon.