Imagine selling your nice, $800,000 Minnesota home and discovering what awaits you here

29 Midbrook

29 Midbrook

29 Midbrook Lane reports an accepted offer, $1.243 million. The GAR has removed its details from public view, but I can tell you this: it’s no $800,000 Minnesota mansion.

Mosquito trap?

Mosquito trap?


Lampshade askew, toppled picture, must have been a hell of a party in that bar

Lampshade askew, toppled picture, must have been a hell of a party in that bar

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 3.23.16 PM


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19 responses to “Imagine selling your nice, $800,000 Minnesota home and discovering what awaits you here

  1. Monody

    For authenticity, we need Peg to link an $800k Minnesota listing of hers. Peg?

  2. Anonymous

    do you know what 800 large gets you pretty much anywhere in minnesota?

    hint: a lot.

    • Rick

      My North Shore Chicago suburb 3 bed home, a couple of blocks from Lake Michigan, which I sold last year, is easily 2.5x to 3x times more expensive in Greenwich. I’m sure the comparisons are more dramatic vs. MN.

  3. Linwood

    GAR hasn’t got a hold of the YouTube video yet, PS, It’s not a mosquito trap according to the listing broker it is a lovely brook.

  4. towny

    That mosquito trap is a moat to protect from the Hartman Park/Southfield Village marauders.

  5. Anonymous

    For that price you get into Old Greenwich south of Post Road, in a true neighborhood… with a decent plot of land. Dosen’t seem so bad. I have seen much worse up in Havemeyer. 100K to update an you are living in Old Greenwich for under $1.5 and can walk to town, park and train…

    • Anon, I wasn’t disputing that, I was just struck by what the reaction of an out-of-town buyer would be when he discovers how little he gets for his buck here.

  6. Peg

    Apologies so late; out trying to sell dirt all day long.

    A smattering of homes in the $800K vicinity. If anyone wants a new one on the market – let me know! 😀

    Click the following link to view the listings:

    • Walt

      Dude –
      I am no dirt expert, like you and Peg, but for $800k, these don’t seem like such great buys to me. I was expecting lavish Viking mansions, with wenches and serfs.

      These homes were all built when the Vikings were still alive, on postage stamp lots. One is on .19 acres. WTF? And they aren’t large homes. NO ONE LIVES IN MINNESOTTATTA!! Why scrimp on the land?

      I was honestly surprised how little you got there for $800k. You could live better in Cos Cob. Seriously.

      What am I missing? Is Peg bluffing up real estate prices there? Trying to corner the ENTIRE 400 house market? Bluffing her way through her tawdry little real estate bridge game, backed by that shyster Buffet?

      It’s certainly not the weather there driving up prices. Or the culture. Or the Lutefisk. $800k down south seems like you get a lot more for your money.

      I was honestly surprised. But not disappointed, because there is NO WAY I ever move there to freeze my balls off. Even with global warming.

      Your Pal,

      • Peg

        Sorry, Walt. Even in the frozen tundra, we don’t give away our lovely little abodes. This IS the real deal!

        As for Warren, I’m afraid he’s backing the competition! Indeed; at my closing yesterday, the buyer’s agent asked me why Warren had a teammate that was on the other side’s real estate team!

        What can I say? At least at the bridge table, Warren aims at top quality 😀

  7. former og lifer

    No need to go that far. Check out Weston. Great schools, commute not bad, Westport beach access & 2 acre zoning.

  8. Peg

    If you pay a bit more, then here’s what you can get.

    Click the following link to view the listings:

    Note that some of the smaller parcels are about a 5 minute drive to downtown. How much dirt in YOUR neck of the woods is that close to the city?