It took a year, but 48 Orchard Street got its price.


48 Orchard

48 Orchard

April contract, just closed for $1, 482,500. The picture’s deceptive – this house was totally redone and expanded in 2007 and it’s a great house. Draw back is its location on busy Orchard Street, but that also places it within walking distance of school, shops and even (long walk, but I watch people do it every day) the train. So I get it. It came on at $1.695 million at the end of March, 2013, and wouldn’t sell, but when it was dropped to $1.495 this past March it went in less than three weeks.

Nice house. Here’s that “Planomatic” thing.


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18 responses to “It took a year, but 48 Orchard Street got its price.

  1. Anonymous

    Will be walking distance to the Greenwich Reform Synagogue too no?

    • Toonces

      This is a lovely home. I wonder who did the renovations – speak up please.
      LIFT!!! in garage. Love that. I also love it when there are those planomatics – floor plans are key.

      • anon2

        Agree with your assessment. For a young family out of city, who could ask for anything more? Throwback to the 1950s neighborhood too for added playdate and Halloween candy fun.

      • Anonymous

        italian name, local builder, can’t remember at the moment.

        it’s been for sale before. glad to see they finally unloaded it.

      • Anonymous

        toonces sorry nevermind, i was thinking of another house. disregard my local italian builder comment.

  2. Cos Cobber

    This is a fine home, solid interiors. I think the challenge was the lack of comps on this slice of Orchard over 1.4MM.

  3. RE junkie

    Am surprised that 6 Ferris Drive hasn’t moved –big house, Dundee district and walking distance to old greenwich station and asking price is a bargain compared to what smaller house around in corner on Richmond got this spring

    • Toonces

      Ferris isn’t selling because of I95. Priced too high maybe?

      • RE junkie

        Used to live next door and the noise isn’t bad at all , I would much rather live on a low-traffic street with background noise like Ferris than a high-traffic street like Orchard

        • Toonces

          I think I would prefer a low traffic street too. But if a house hasn’t sold for a long time, the price is too high. JMHO.

  4. Toonces

    sorry – just took a look 6 Ferris – the musical! Video on Zillow. Lovely big house that looks like it has been impeccably maintained. I’d paint all the rooms a neutral color and I bet it would sell quickly.

  5. Anonymous

    House was way over renovated for this location. Lucky they found a buyer that doesn’t know any better-

    • Or perhaps, like Havemeyer, the neighborhood is changing. I’d thought that $1.375 might be the end price for this when I saw it last year – the market’s improved since then and I’d never claim to be able to peg a house to the dollar, anyway.

      • RE junkie

        Much Smaller renovated house on 13 Richmond around the corner with tiny yard and one -car garage got 1.6M in April-and is really only a few houses further away from the highway