Will history repeat itself?


186 Shore Rd, street view

186 Shore Rd, street view

186 Shore Road, in Old Greenwich, started off a year ago asking $7.995 million but today sees a new broker and a new price, $7.495. It’s a gorgeous house, but I recall that when it was new in 2009, its builders also started off at $7.995 and ended up selling it to these owners for $6.625. Same pattern developing?

This house has some really, really great features, including a glass “wall” that opens the living room to the sea, for breezes, views and what must be an incredible entertaining flow between home, terrace and pool area. Big, airy rooms and top quality finishes. The negatives are the beach traffic on Shore Road (though to be considered is that, after sunset, when Tod’s is closed, Shore becomes a very quiet dead end), and the cluster of less expensive houses between this one and the water.

It’s a matter of personal preference, of course, and I’m curious to see where this one ends up on the price scale.

Won't you be my neighbor?

Won’t you be my neighbor?


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39 responses to “Will history repeat itself?

  1. Cos Cobber

    Fun house. Gets a little contemporary on the top floor. And that attic fire place, what a must have!

  2. Monody

    What happened to the philosophy of buying “a forever home”? Our parents generation tended to buy one and only one house in which the kids all grew up. Is that so last millennium? The sellers don’t have to tell me why they are moving but I would love to know why anyone gives this house up.

  3. Anonymous

    These owners added the pool, but made the mistake of painting the wood shingle siding a similar color.
    The rest of the place is beautiful.
    7 million and some paint thinner ought to get the deal done.

  4. Toonces

    This one looks like a bargain. Admittedly I am a sucker for a view. I’m wondering though: did they build it high enough? Is it up to the current Fema (and Greenwich +1 foot because we know best) standards? Not that anyone with that much money would care.

  5. Anonymous

    Another Marc O’brien special. I don’t agree this is a bargain. $7m to live with marginal water views? I say it sells for less than what they paid for it.

  6. pulled up in OG

    Another friggin’ house w/nine Wine Cellars.

    • Toonces

      When I see those I think “bonus! closet!”. But I don’t like the taste of alcohol much…

      • I get to tour a lot of houses with wine cellars, and I’ve only seen one or two that are actually stocked with any more than a couple of cases. I think builders put them in to fill empty space, but most people don’t seem to use them. Sort of like exercise machines.

        • towny

          Fountain: You shoulda gone into the furniture biz as a side. This particular home as 4000 square feet of unused space. Gotta fill it with something.

        • tb

          I am curious if builders actually make these cellars suitable for real wine storage. Are they climate controlled, water-sealed, etc? I’d be very nervous storing wine below sea level that close to the water.

          • Toonces

            Good point tb. It would make a great spot for a litter box though. That’s a good one for builders to consider: build a room for the cat! Derosa builders does dog washing sinks. Also nice to have.

        • anon2

          tb: cases of Two Buck Chuck (now three bucks I hear) come to no harm when housed in non-climate controlled wine cellars. This is a fact.

  7. anonamoo

    Can someone explain photos 24 and 25? 24: is that the front of the house? Do you go under the port cochere to the garage? 25: that’s the continuation of the driveway or is that a photo of the neighbors driveway?

  8. Chimney

    On another subject, does anyone know which house on Oneida Drive in Indian Harbor Ron Howard bought?

  9. Cos Cobber

    Although I never thought this house really had the best curb appeal, I do think the inside layout and the backyard deck/pool is pretty darn awesome. The interior shots have changed my mind and I really do like that crows nest. The architect managed to create several distinct places within this home.

  10. AndyD

    It is a lot of money to essentially be three houses back from the water, despite the stellar views. I also wonder of the risk of a developer ruining the view when/if one of two teardowns between this one and the water meet the dumpster.

    • Anonymous

      yep. it’ll be a knock down drag out pissing match between a low 8 and a high 8 or 9 figure net worth.

  11. Ghost of the FAR Czar

    So I guess the house of the week feature last month in the Wall Street Journal didn’t work as the old broker’s last ditch effort?