Change comes to Fondle My Paloma



An unfortunate wall accessory

An unfortunate wall accessory

“The Little Pub” will be opening in August at the site of the former Mexican restaurant. From its pictures (ignore the dreadful one I chose, and the fake barn beams) and description, it sounds like a winner, but I was amused at this bit of naiveté expressed by Greenwich Chamber of Commerce director Marcia O’ Kane: “If Little Pub delivers the same casual dining and pub experience that Fonda La Paloma did, it should be a success.”

I hate to break it to Ms. O’Kane, but local lore has it that Fonda La Paloma stayed in business over the decades while serving execrable food with rude service because it was a regional drug distribution center – the restaurant served as a laundry, not a dining spot.

That’s just the local rumor, of course. I personally never went back after a memorable, but horrific dining experience there in 1971 or so but like many in town, I wondered at its longevity, and the legend explains that mystery, accurately or not.

In any event, another casual dining spot in Cos Cob should do fine, especially if it really serves food.


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29 responses to “Change comes to Fondle My Paloma

  1. Cos Cobber

    I dined at Fonda once in ’02 or so and had a miserable experience…we were packed in like sardines…it was 90 degrees and sweltering in there and the mariachi band had gas.

    I’m excited about this rebirth as the Little Pub.

    • Mickster

      Had a similar experience many moons ago. Band was hilarious.Not surprised it was a front for something nefarious (always wanted to use that word!). Little Pub’s 2 other outlets on Route 7 do very well.
      However, having spent waaay too much time in real Irish and British pubs, these (p)ale in comparison…

  2. LAK

    The Little Pub in Wilton does well.
    Only problem is they stop serving alcohol at 11:00.

  3. Pure Fluff

    I ate at La Fonda just once, fortunately. What a heap of overpiced slop! The Little Pub will be a big winner there.

  4. AJ

    Drug dealers? A drug dealership? Drug “dealers”, aka purveyors of fine herbal products, and their customers are consenting adults involved in a transaction in which there is no victim, only buyer and seller at an agreed upon price. These guys, the people who go after them, on the other hand, are hardcore criminals:

    “PHILADELPHIA – Six former members of the Philadelphia Police Dept.’s narcotics unit have been federally indicted, charged with using robbery, kidnapping and other tactics to shake down more than a half-million dollars worth of cash, property and drugs from suspected drug dealers. . . .”

  5. Anonymous

    I know the owners. Their other locations have done well, as they seem to strike a good balance of atmosphere, menu, pricing, etc. Should be a welcome addition to the so-so Greenwich restaurant fare.

  6. Walt

    Dude –
    So where are we supposed to get our ganja now? Our happy pills, our acid, our mind benders, our whacky sticks? Is the food in the new “Little Pub” going to be good enough to offset the loss of our bammy’s? Our spark sticks? Our roacha dopas? A TRIP TO BRIDGEPORT!!

    I DON’T THINK SO!! And if we are lucky enough to find a new local dive to score our Thai sticks, after we indulge, what are we going to chow down on? Mutton? Haggis!! Bangers and frigging MASH!!

    This makes your failure to score our lids on your recent Denver trip all the more serious. Now we don’t have a plan, and need to come up with a contingency.

    Where is Francis on greasing his political cronies to get us the legal marijuana rights for Connecticut? If he is nowhere, maybe we can partner with the Jews so they can get their Church built, and sell it out of there. Kosher Tokes Dude!! We can charge more!!

    But we can’t sell on Saturdays, so that is a bummer. But this could be a PERFECT COVER!! We will partner with them!! We control the spliff sales, and they get their Church. And we split the profits even steven. 90/10 in our favor. And I will split our half he same with you.

    But remind me Dude. Are these the scarey fur hat wearing, black trench coat wearing, jerry curled Jews? Who scare all the other Jews? Or just your regular New York Jews? If they are the former, I may need you to handle the negotiations.

    Your Pal,

  7. CatoRenasci

    At at La Fonda Disastera once when we first came to town in the mid-1980s and have to say it was probably the worst excuse for “Mexican” food I’ve had in my life. It made “Taco Bell” seem authentic….. I think we may have even walked out refusing to pay, telling the manager the food was inedible. It couldn’t have been a serious drug laundry because the mob wouldn’t put up with food that bad. Valbella was more their style.

  8. Anonymous

    I’ve eaten at Little Pub Ridgefield a couple of times & liked it. When you pass it on rte 7, the parking lot is always full. I think it will be a popular addition to current choices. Seating will be 70 – where will anyone find parking?

    • Anonymous

      Park at the new Synagogue and walk over

    • Mickster

      Both of their other spots have valet parking

      • Anonymous

        Personally, I hate valet in places like that. Unless my car is parked more than say 75 yards away, I’m happy to walk to go get it.

    • Riverside

      Parking has always been the problem with that site. I can’t imagine how they can get 70 in there with the existing parking lot.

      I was actually wondering if that is parking going in on the lot across the post road, which appears to have been cleared of vegetation for some type of development.

  9. Spanish Club

    A favorite of junior high kids and their teacher in the mid 1970’s. A fixture in town.