Open house report


18 Hidden Brook

18 Hidden Brook

18 Hidden Brook, Riverside, came out very well indeed. Smallish, and a small yard, but Hidden Brook, from a traffic sense, comes from nowhere and goes nowhere, so it’s a very quiet street. The finish work inside is top quality: performed by Doran Sabag under the watchful eye of Jim Hoffman* and, all in all, a very pleasant house. Excellent renovation and for this location in Riverside, $2.395 isn’t unreasonable.

*You must have left for lunch while Doran was painting, Jim, because the skylight trim in the studio bathroom was left in its primer undercoat. Send him back.


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7 responses to “Open house report

  1. anon2

    Of the 31 photos, do half represent the house in its former self? Do photos of new self have rented-staged furniture in it? Nice home. The exterior has that certain drive-by look but if broker can get client inside….if. I’d be hard pressed to get past the exterior, but I’m a shallow sort to begin with.

  2. Anun

    It will be very interesting to see if the ‘facial’ will justify paying $2.4 when they bought it fairly recently for $1.2. Riverside is hot – how hot – we’ll see..

  3. Riverside Chick

    Seems reasonable for this area of Riverside.

  4. Flash

    Just wondering
    How much must the house be worth to merit a professional photographer?

  5. Riverside Dog Walker

    Walked by it with the dog this morning. Zero curb appeal. I can see it now. Young upwardly mobile family from NYC pulls into the driveway and wife immediately begins crying at what they can afford in Riverside. Maybe the husband too. I know I/we would. And across the street you have its big brother at 3 times the price.

    But I am still pulling for them as I could use the comp.