She may have a certificate in fung shui, but these buyers would have been better off with an agent who understood real estate

Fungi specialist and real estate advisor

Fungi specialist and real estate advisor

The requested variance to build a house at 610 Lake Avenue, which I mentioned yesterday, was denied by the Zoning Board of Appeals last night.

In my experience, something will eventually be built here, almost certainly a structure that will offend the objecting neighbor more than the current plan, because first attempts in these sort of cases are usually designed to minimize any intrusion on neighbors’ sight lines and that, of course, is no longer a consideration once a variance is denied – the next house plan will be designed specifically to avoid the need for a variance, the neighbor’s wishes be damned. I’ve seen that happen, again and again.

I myself warned off two protective buyers from considering this site precisely because of the complexity of attempting to replace the dilapidated structure that stands there now.Neighbors always object to change of any kind, and any sort of reasonable house to be built here was going to require a variance and thus be at the mercy of third parties.

The poor land owners here didn’t receive the benefit of my advice because, perhaps because they are Chinese, they chose a Realtor who claims to be a certified Feng Shui expert. That will come in handy when it’s time to choose a color for the front door and the placement of windows, but is absolutely useless in building a structure in which to hang those things in the first place.


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8 responses to “She may have a certificate in fung shui, but these buyers would have been better off with an agent who understood real estate

  1. Anonymous

    this is poetry.

  2. Disgusted

    Having actually attended the hearing I have to say that the down vote wasn’t the worst part. The opposing party brought a heavy hitter attorney who’s entire argument was that the petitioner really doesn’t need the house as presented. He then had the audacity to produce drawings of houses that would be just fine for the petitioner to live in. Sadly two board members agreed with Mr. Solidarity and since an approval apparently needs to be unanimous the application was denied.
    And you are correct… The proposed plan showed a 8000 square foot house, 2 1/2 stories and a roof height purposely kept low to 35 feet. In Greenwich that’s pretty much a guesthouse.
    FAR allows 12,000 square feet, 3 1/2 stories and a 47 foot (or so) roof height.

    Guess what’s going to happen.

  3. housecat

    Just how exactly does one obtain a “certificate in feng shui”?

  4. Anonymous

    Btw, not sure feng shui mattered. Buyer of 610 is Korean.