When Darwinism fails


Aw, Christians for dinner AGAIN?!

Aw, Christians for dinner AGAIN?!

Michigan woman plans on suing zoo for not doing enough to prevent her from sticking her finger into lion cage, where she received only a quick manicure, instead of her just deserts.

“They should have done more to prevent me from petting it”, says local cretin Renae  Ferguson.

Warning signs, fencing and indeed, the very nature of the beast itself weren’t sufficient to stop her – I suggest the zoo administer IQ tests to visitors before allowing them on the grounds.


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3 responses to “When Darwinism fails

  1. kc

    Recently, I was struck by the large number of ads for plaintiff’s attorneys spaced around “news” coverage related to the salaries of professional athletes. While I still believe that being really good at a sport is probably better than being a professional plaintiff, stories like this could well cause me to rethink that. I just worry a bit about the long term viability of an economy where slip and falls and zoo mishaps are a growth industry though.

  2. Libertarian Advocate

    kc: It’s a disgusting trend and a massive but largely incalculable drag on the economy as a whole. It’s so bad that ATLA had to change its name to AJA to protect the guilty as sin.