One investment for Barton Biggs that didn’t turn out so well

11 Chieftans Rd

11 Chieftans Rd

The estate of the late Wall Street analyst sold his home at 11 Chieftans for $2.550 million; he paid $4.650 for it in 2003. The Chieftans development is shaping up to be the most expensive flop in recent Greenwich real estate.


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12 responses to “One investment for Barton Biggs that didn’t turn out so well

  1. Publius

    Neither did the LP’s in his hedge fund…..

  2. Anon

    Having observed him from close quarters for a number of years, I thought he could speak and write beautifully and was very well compensated for it. And that’s about the size of it.

    • Anonymous

      The guy clearly lived a modest life. He was the 30th partner of Morgan Stanley in the 1970s so he must have been pretty wealthy. He also rode the train to work, quite a drive from Chieftans.

  3. Anonymous

    Ugly house.

  4. Anonymous

    Why does Chieftans fare so badly? Too far from town?

  5. Flash

    The location close to HPN and Merritt make it a perfect get-a-way house, but locals know it’s the wrong side of town.
    Here’s a pretty complete history of the Gimbel Estate