The advantages – and disadvantages of Zillow

187 Stanwich Rd

187 Stanwich Rd

Zillow maintains a foreclosure and pre-foreclosure list of properties headed back to their lenders, and it can be useful for seeing what’s available.

On the other hand, you have to be careful not to rely exclusively on their data, or you can be misinformed.

Take, for instance, 187 Stanwich Road, scheduled to be sold at auction tomorrow. Zillow gets the last sale price right: $2.615 million, in 2007, but then describes it as a one bedroom cottage with “a good rental history”. In case that strikes you as odd, it is; Zillow’s confused the guest cottage with the restored, 1800 main house.

It doesn’t matter, really, because between the amount owed on the mortgage and the numerous state and federal tax liens, which come ahead even of the mortgage, there’s no bargain to be had here. The point is, don’t take what you find on Zillow as the gospel truth – sometimes it is, sometimes not.

187 Stanwich Rd, per Zillow

187 Stanwich Rd, per Zillow


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9 responses to “The advantages – and disadvantages of Zillow

  1. Anonymous

    Interesting, I was in that house a couple times in the last 20-25 years. They were people renting it. I think part of the house was built in the1700s.
    Good David Brooks essay today.

  2. Anonymous

    zillow just indicated the value of my property at about 2.5x what the market would bear. time to do cashout refi and go visit miller motorcars! i feel rich!

  3. AJ

    The gospel truth? But the gospels, of the ones included in the Bible, all disagree. My favorites are the Acts of Peter and the Acts of Paul and Thecla (3:37-5:14 and 7:54-14:40 of the following video). In the Acts of Peter, we find Peter the Apostle battling Simon the Sorcerer in a showdown for magical supremacy. In a final act, Simon proves his powers by flying around high above the crowd, but Peter says a few words which knock Simon out of the air, killing him in the crash (3:37-5:14). Then we have Thecla (Paul’s traveling companion) thrown to the lions in the arena (13:29). Paul, weasel that he was, abandons her and hightails it out of town. But the Romans aren’t done with Thecla. Seeing that the lions failed to kill her they throw her in a shark filled tank (14:18) that is then struck by lightning, killing all the sharks but not her: the gospel truth they don’t want you to know.

  4. Walt

    Dude –
    So what is your point here? That sometimes Zillow gets confused?

    You have been known to confuse your second leg with your third leg. You have had moments where you couldn’t find your ass with both hands. Many of them, I might add. You have had times when you didn’t know up from down. Left from right. Boys from girls.

    SO WHAT IS YOUR SELF SERVING POINT? That YOU, the consummate Real Estate “Professional” always get it right? You are infallible, like the Pope? YOU AREN’T EVEN CATHOLIC, YOU HEATHEN. The only thing you have in common with the Pope is your for fancy altar boys. You pervert.

    Anyhows, Zillow, or some form of it, is the future. Don’t fight progress. Retool. YOU TOOL!! You are a buggy whip. A dinosaur. A fax machine. Let the GAR Evil Princess continue to deny reality, and hide behind her moat with her disgusting little flying monkeys.

    You, my friend, should face reality, and deal with the future. You can’t fight progress, and hide behind walls, or ignorance. Even though you have been very successful doing so, so far.

    Don’t dig in, and try and protect indefensible turf. “Fixed fortifications are a monument to the stupidity of man”. PATTON DUDE!! YOU MAGNIFICENT BASTARD!!

    Brunch tomorrow?

    And I missed AJ. But I must admit, sometimes he frightens me.

    Your Pal,

  5. Anonymous

    Off Topic- I think Ron Howard bought 70 Oneida- inquiring minds want to know!!

  6. Guest

    Zillow and Trulia do not even get accurate sales prices in Greenwich. Thus their Zestimates are way off. The outfit that feeds them sales prices is terrible, and Zillow will not correct a mistake, even if it disagrees with what is on the town website. In fact, they trust their lousy service and will not use the sale prices published by the town.

  7. eb

    The question is can you persuade them that your house is worth more?