It’s my increasing conviction that the human sex drive produces the oddest behavior of all the instincts


Forced to toe the line

Forced to toe the line

Teacher placed on probation after being caught sniffing school children’s smelly feet.

A primary school teacher who sniffed and tickled children’s feet to get a kick walked free from court with a suspended sentence.

Martyne Airey, 51, made children play a game of ‘sniff and tickle’ where they had to take their shoes off and pick a card from a deck.

The court heard that depending on which card was picked he would then smell or tickle their soles, getting a sexual thrill out of sniffing sweaty feet in particular.

After Airey was arrested, police found a voice recorder in his bedroom featuring a young boy reading a story about a woman who had been kidnapped, bound, gagged and was wearing dirty socks.

Airey, who had worked as a teacher for around 18 years before he was suspended, pleaded guilty to eight counts of sexual assault on a child under 13 at Preston Crown Court.

Placing Airey on a two-year supervision order, Judge Newell said: ‘I can fully understand why any reasonable parent would feel affronted and distressed by what you, a teacher, have done to their children.

‘Parents place great trust in teachers. They expect them to be looked after.

‘You abused that trust and it is a high degree of trust.’

In Airey’s defence, Tina Landale said her client was the carer for his elderly mother and brother.

‘Mr Airey sits before you a man with a reputation in tatters,’ she said.

‘He is ashamed of himself. He is disgraced and feels a great sense of revulsion as to what has happened.

‘He cannot really explain how he let himself become involved in this except to say that he enjoyed his teaching career, enjoyed the contact with the children.


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4 responses to “It’s my increasing conviction that the human sex drive produces the oddest behavior of all the instincts

  1. Mickster

    Would you Americans call that toe jam or toe jelly?
    Sorry, just couldn’t resist the impulse……….

    • I was working on “jam” and “toast”, but couldn’t come up with quite the right combination for a caption.
      By the way, Mickster, your suspicions about owner/agent James Martin’s under-priced listing for 212 Old Mill seem to be true: Yesterday, I called him and left messages at all three contact numbers he gives, plus a text, explaining that I had an all-cash buyer who was eager to have me preview the property and, if it was acceptable, they’d fly in on two days notice and buy it. Ordinarily, that’s the kind of buyer that would elicit an immediate response from a seller. 36 hours on, I’ve had no response.
      I think our man is trying for delay of game in his foreclosure suit, which is rapidly drawing to its conclusion.

    • AJ

      Toe cheese if you please; when harvested and packaged, limburger. He’d have better off sniffin’ bicycle seats. Speaking o’ shit that stinks, what’s Obama up to?

  2. Mickster

    As your forefathers would say: quelle surprise!!