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Racists? Democrats?

Kentucky Democrat “operative” Kathy Groob sends out tweets about (R) Mitch Mc’Connell’s wife: “she’s Asian”. 

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Not surprisingly, this “women’s advocate” has been accusing others of racism for years.

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“Global warming” didn’t work, “Climate Change” was a bust; how about “Extreme Weather”?

Screen Shot 2014-08-03 at 9.16.36 AMLeaked memo exposes Democrat leadership’s talking points for their underlings: It’s all about extreme weather.

As has been pointed out here many times before, Democrats wail about hurricanes, blizzards, tornadoes and nor’easters when they’re happening, and blame it on global warming.

When those natural phenomena disappear, however, and that’s pointed out, they (see Bill Weir’s tweet, top, e.g.) go absolutely stark raving nuts, howling that “weather is not climate!” No shit, numb nuts .

Senate Budget Committee Chairman Patty Murray (D-Wash.) is sending a memo Friday to her Democratic colleagues urging them to start talking about how climate change will hurt the federal budget and how to do so.

The memo, obtained by The Washington Post, details how global warming impacts will affect four key sectors of the federal budget: disaster relief; transportation and infrastructure; national security and agriculture. It comes three days after the Budget Committee held a hearing on the subject, and the White House published an economic analysis saying that delaying carbon emissions cuts will cost the U.S. billions.


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Yes he did build that


Screw you, Barry

Screw you, Barry

Fed up with local council’s dithering whist repairing a thoroughfare, entrepreneur builds his own 340-yard toll road that saves motorists a 10-mile detour. The council is not amused.

A savvy grandfather who was sick of roadworks near his home has defied his council and built his own bypass toll road – the first for more than 100 years.

Businessman Mike Watts decided to open the thoroughfare – made of a mix of asphalt and chippings – to bypass a closed section of the A431 between Bath and Bristol.

  • The toll road is just 340 yards in length but avoids a 10-mile detour

The Kelston Road was shut in February following a landslip and officials say that it will not be repaired until the end of the year.

Toll House cookies

Toll House cookies

But a new makeshift road, which costs £2 a time to use, re-opens the important ‘back road’ – which is used by commuters going between the two cities.

Local villagers in nearby Kelston have repeatedly criticised Bath & North East Somerset Council for not re-opening the main road sooner and say it has caused major traffic problems in the area.

Mr. Watts said that his toll road will be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with toll operators there all the time.

The businessman persuaded local farmer John Dinham to rent him his empty field next to the A431 which connects Bristol and Bath until roadworks were complete.

He hired a crew of workmen and ploughed £150,000 of his own cash into building a 340-yard long professional-standard bypass road in the field.

The road which opened yesterday is the first privately run toll road to be built since cars became a familiar sight on roads more than 100 years ago.

But officials say that the road does not have planning permission or safety certificates …. Bath and North East Somerset Council said that it did not support the private road and warned motorists to think twice before paying the toll.

A council spokesman said: ‘It’s not just the planning, it’s the legal aspect of drivers using the road, and also safety.

‘The temporary toll road access is likely to generate a need for more traffic management on site, prolong the construction period and increase the cost of the repairs.’

The permanent repair, costing £1.5m is due to be complete by the end of 2014.

Council chiefs insist the site work ‘continued to progress well’.

If you think that bureaucrats might have come up with this simple idea to ease their constituents’ lives and approached that same farmer, you don’t know your bureaucrats.


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