Racists? Democrats?

Kentucky Democrat “operative” Kathy Groob sends out tweets about (R) Mitch Mc’Connell’s wife: “she’s Asian”. 

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Not surprisingly, this “women’s advocate” has been accusing others of racism for years.

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25 responses to “Racists? Democrats?

  1. Walt

    Dude –

    She is against sexism, but her whole platform is “Elect Women – Pink Politics”. That is about as sexist as you can get. This woman is clearly a MORON!! But then again, the whole progressive agenda is moronic, so this is par for the course. They are the party of hypocrites.

    Is it possible? IS IT POSSIBLE she is not smart enough to see this? The whole IRONY of her platform is COMEDIC GENIUS!! And she doesn’t see it? It is lost on this dumb bitch? What a waste.

    And when did “tar baby” become racist? Who passed that rule, you lilly white cracker. And what is her problem with the gooks? They don’t have slant eyes in Kentucky? They have no idea what they are missing. So where do you go for a rub and tug down there Dude? Peggy Sue’s Cotton Picking Inn?

    If Kentucky continues to support this woman, they deserve what they get. NO MORE CHICKEN FOR YOU!! Thanks God the Colonel isn’t alive to see this.

    Your Pal,

    • anon2

      Some feminist recently tweeted that the use of a dildo is rape. Like huh? There’s no end to their stupidity. Emily’s Group, or whatever that political shrill group is, is equally sexist, only funding women, and worse, only funding liberal women.

      • Libertarian Advocate

        So, if a woman uses a dildo, she is raping herself rather than masturbating? Where does that strange woman think she would find a prosecutor who would be willing to take that case to trial?

  2. Walt

    Dude –
    Jon Voight is a frigging ROCK STAR. This guy tells it like it is. And being a conservative in Hollywood is putting your career on the line. So this guy really puts it all on the line for his beliefs.
    The Jews who control Hollywood better cut him a break.
    Your Pal,

  3. Publius


    I believe her name has been misspelled. Drop the “Gr” and substitute “B”.

  4. JK

    This gal Kathy is nothing more than WHITE TRASH.

  5. Walt

    Dude –
    Can we get God damned Jew into this dialogue to defend their support of the Libtard agenda, which is almost UNIVERSAL!! I want answers!! IT MAKES NO SENSE!!

    Valerie Jarret, who is really running the show, had this to say today:

    Valerie is a full fledged Commie Slum, who was born in Iran. Israel is the only Democracy in the slum filled Middle East. They have to deal with towel heads EVERY DAY trying to kill them. If The Slums stopped firing rockets tomorrow, there would be peace. If Israel stopped fighting tomorrow, there would be no Israel.

    Netanyahu is a true leader. Doing what it takes to defend his country. The best thing we could do would be to green light Israel to carpet bomb the entire Middle East.

    And this is how Hamas fights a war. Hangs children from the sides of buildings. Israel should worry about there children, when the Slums use them as cannon fodder? COWARDS!! And Lurch and Barry support them? AND THE JEWS SUPPORT LURCH AND BARRY? It is beyond disgusting. And I am truly flabbergasted.

    Your Pal,

    • nutmegger

      Walt, at times I think we might have been separated at birth.

    • Mickster

      Make a point of reading non-US media reports – it might, just might, give you a different perspective!
      “Netanyahu is a true leader. Doing what it takes to defend his country. The best thing we could do would be to green light Israel to carpet bomb the entire Middle East.”
      I have no great love for towelheads but i gotta tell you if every time I woke up my Israeli neighbor had just moved the fence between us another 10 feet and built an in-law apt for his cousins on that land while I slept, I’d be buying rocket launchers too!
      Put that crack pipe down, Walt – just stick to what you know – Asian schoolgirl porn!!

      • Walt

        Your ignorance is staggering. But you are Irish. So I guess we need to accept it. And just pat you on the head and hope you go away.

        • Mickster

          Let me put this in a way you will understand
          In this matter…stick with the Asian porn and dead baby jokes – thats about your level…

      • Inagua

        Mickster – You are correct: Israel has been moving slowly to annex the West Bank for 47 years now, and the Palestinians have been cooperating by refusing to make any deal, ever. It began in 1967 with “security outposts,” which created “facts on the ground,” which morphed into open settlements, and there are now almost a half million Jews living on formerly reserved-for-an-Arab State land in the West Bank, now called Judea and Samaria by the Israelis and now included in “official” maps of Israel. A prominent Israeli commentator recently wrote a best selling book making the case for annexation. Israel will formerly annex the West Bank as soon as it thinks it can get away with it politically; that is, not lose US aid.

        • Libertarian Advocate

          An interesting perspective. Can’t remember which Israeli leader said that the Palestinians never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.

  6. Al Dente

    Damn! I was born in Chicago, but apparently I’m really a friggin dago! Merda!

  7. Walt

    Dude –

    AND WHY ARE MY COMMENTS BEING MODERATED? I have never said anything REMOTELY offensive. Have you sold out to the PC Police? You spineless little vermin.

    Who complained? Was it the Jews who control the media? I SUPPORT THEM!! And I would be happy to help them with their programming, which kind of sucks lately. Plus I like corned beef on rye. And bagels. Deep down, I think I may be a Jew. I am circumcised, and kind of cheap. But I do like bacon.

    Was it the Negro’s? That makes no sense. I am a big fan of Derek Jeter and Halle Berry, and Nikki Minaj too!! Have you ever seen her dumpster Dude? You would be a fan as well!! Plus the odds of the reader being black are off the charts, so it’s not them.

    Are you getting a bunch of WASP backlash? THAT’S IT!! Isn’t it. That would make the most sense. Have they threatened to take away your Village Idiot status if you post my rants?

    You are a frigid bunch, with no sense of humor. Not accepting of other cultures who don’t adopt your Waspiness. Your love of boat shoes. Of sweaters tied around your waspy little necks. Of pink pants, white shoes and Izod shirts. WHICH ARE MADE BY THE FROGS BTW!! You want conformity and uniformity. You are a truly dull bunch.

    Brunch tomorrow? Cos Cobber at 8:00!! Be there or be square.
    You loser.
    Your Pal,

    • Sometimes a link contained in a comment triggers the “moderate” switch – nothing at all to do with me, it’s just a quirk of WordPress. I find ’em, I post ’em, but there can be a delay. Sorry – happens to other commenters too, and I’m not sure how to fix it without opening up the floodgates to all the penis enlarger ads that come in by the dozens. On the other hand, ….

      • Walt

        Dude –
        In this day and age of micro marketing, of algorithmic filled FOCUSED targeted marketing, do you ever wonder why your in box is flooded with PENIS ENLARGEMENT ads? Do you? Stubby.

        When the sellers know EXACTLY how many hairs you have on your ass? So they only send messages to those that need their product? DO YOU!! You little needle dicked loser!!

        Anyhows, can you forward me some of these advertisements? For a friend of mine? Thanks in advance.

        Your Pal.

  8. Monody

    Chao came to the USA when she was 8. Accomplished. Well educated. I’d like to trace Kathy Boob’s tweets on immigration. Is she in favor of embracing Latin American illegals but just doesn’t approve of an Asian whose parents came LEGALLY???

  9. Monody

    Little Miss Boob raaaaaacist has deleted her entire Twitter account. She got slammed today by some of the most powerful in the Twitterverse, especially one dude who calls himself SooperMexican. Yep, a wetback takes down a feminist. That’s progress.

  10. There was no bigger racist than LBJ – see “Means of Ascent” by Robert Caro.