Chevy buyers refuse to help Obama meet his dreams



In his 2011 State of the Union address, Barack Hussein promised to have 1,000,000 electric cars on America’s highways by 2015. Idiot sites like Business Insider seem to think we’re almost there,with headlines like today’s, “People bought tons of electric cars in July”, and that’s probably where Mr. B and his advisors get their news from, but us non-Harvard types tend to read deeper than mere headlines (or resumes) and in reality, those “tons” don’t add up to much.

Sales of plug-in electric cars in the U.S. continued their rise in July, as Nissan delivered more than 3,000 Leaf battery electric cars and Chevy more than 2,000 Volt range-extended electrics.

It’s was only the second time that the two cars together have sold more than 5,000 units in a single month; the first was last August, when 5,771 were delivered.

The first report this morning came in for the highest-selling electric car in the world, the Nissan Leaf. It logged 3,019 deliveries last month, bringing its year-to-date total to 15,755.

While this wasn’t the Leaf’s highest-ever single sales month — that would be this past May, at 3,117 — it’s fully 62 percent higher than the 1,864 sold in July a year ago.

Nissan attributed the sales growth to its No Charge To Charge promotion, which is now in 10 markets across the country. “Leaf sales in the northeastern U.S. are also picking up,” said Brendan Jones, Nissan’s director of LEAF Sales and Infrastructure, “with new tax incentives for Massachusetts and Maryland residents.”

Those “incentives” – forced contribution from taxpayers to greenies, amount to $7,500 per car in federal money, plus $1.4 billion tax credit for Nissan to build a factory partially-dedicated (only 300 workers assemble Leafs there, due to low demand).  The state subsidies Nissan’s spokesman refers to are an additional $2,000 in Maryland and $2,500 on Massachusetts.

So, how many Volts is 2,000? Well, GM delivered  256,160 vehicles this past July, including 23,584 SUV’s: Yukons, Suburbans and Cadillac Escalades. All without extra taxpayer subsidies.

While loyal citizens still have five more months to help Barack achieve his goals, things are looking dim. Unless, of course Mr. B exercises his executive powers and changes the calendar, or orders all of us to by electric cars before year-end, but what kind of ruler would do that?


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25 responses to “Chevy buyers refuse to help Obama meet his dreams

  1. housecat

    Awww… And it’s his birthday, too. (Sniff)

  2. burningmadolf

    How many taxpayer dollars will it require to get the car co.s to stuff the channel with the magic number?

  3. Yos

    Goody! I hope he gets new steel-cleated golf shoes and some really nice, super-thin kid golf gloves! Nothin’ but the best, yes?

  4. Cobra

    Pure internal combustion for me, thank you…as many cubic inches as possible.

    • A FWIW reader mentioned that Tesla is planning a version of an F-150 pick up, which would be pretty cool. Now if I can be assured that I’ll be able to charge it 300 miles from Livingstone, MT, I’d be interested.
      It’d be a great stump puller, though, with all that torque.

      • Distressed

        There is a permit to build a supercharger in Bozeman, MT, about 26 miles from Livingstone, MT. Currently, there is a functional supercharger station in Billings, MT, 117 miles away from Livingstone. I have not heard anything definative about a pickup from Tesla.

        I myself have ordered a Model S 85kwh and getting a solar pv system installed next week. The car will be powered by the sun (most of the time). How cool is that? Will still have a Jeep too so I guess I will have to go to the gas station every so often for that but waking up every morning with a full tank of sun power will be pretty cool!

        • Don’t hold your breath.

        • Distressed

          Don’t hold my breath for what? BTW, you don’t need a supercharger. You can charge at home via a NEMA 14-50 outlet (gets 28 miles of charge per hour) or you can upgrade to a Tesla HPWC and get double that. Takes 10 sec to plug in before heading in and 10 sec to unplug it before heading out. If you want to check out the status of the supercharger network, go to

  5. AJ

    What’s with the Mr. B, or Mr. Barack? You speak as if he were a hair dresser. No, not a cross dresser (only his body man knows for sure).

  6. Anonymous Citizenette

    And where do the magical charging stations get the power they transfer to these magical expensive little POS vehicles? ( hint: it’s black and obummy hates it)

    • Distressed

      Coal powers around 45% of the electricity generated in the U.S. and that number is headed down. I suppose you want to keep on supporting the volatile Middle East players? Keep sending our soldiers in to defend our oil dependency?

      And don’t tell me we are self sufficient w/r/t oil and gas now. We are still IMPORTING a ton of it and Saudi Arabia is right up there in terms of the beneficiaries.

      • And what powers electric power? Coal, nuclear, and, most importantly, natural gas. So what’s Obama doing? Banning oil and gas exploration on federal lands. Duh.

        • Distressed

          I am all for getting rid of Obama, trust me. I just think all the EV bashing is very short sighted, especially the part about the subsidies. Oil companies paid less than 15% of earnings in taxes, they get huge subsidies but nobody complains. Yet, we finally have a technology (yes electric cars have been around forever, although absent for many decades) that allows for a good driving range and relatively fast charging and people whine about them.

          I was on the fence about the Tesla and then I took a test drive. It was ridiculously nice. I am saying bye to my Porsche 997 911.

      • Publius

        Coal produces 40% of our electricity currently. It is heading down because the EPA wants it @ 0%. We have plenty of domestic coal. We also have placed significant amounts of the US off limits to any kind of drilling/discovery. Our largest supplier of petroleum imports is Canada, you know that state (one of 57) to our North. We have limited ability at the moment to move our newly discovered energy bonanza around the country to where its needed. The mid stream energy infrastructure (pipelines) is lagging. Most of the newly discovered domestic oil is a lighter grade than what our current refineries can process. The cost of new refinery capacity is uneconomic given the EPA’s onerous rules and significant upgrades to existing refineries to process this new oil triggers EPA rules that requires the existing refinery to meet the onerous standards. Last new refinery built in US was 1977 although there are small one being built in North Dakota

        We are basically shooting ourselves in the foot. As for Middle East imports, the trend is down and has been as follows:

        Monthly trend OPEC
        Monthly trend Saudi Arabia

        Keep in mind that over the time frame noted our economy and population have expanded. If we stop doing stupid things with our energy resources we can give the rest of the world a half of peace sign

        • Distressed

          Totally agree with you. And if EVs are more successful, we can “give the rest of the world a half of a peace sign” that much sooner!!

  7. Publius

    Technically speaking consumers were buying tons of electric vehicles. To wit:

    Curb weight of Nissan Leaf 3,242 lbs
    July Deliveries 3,019 units
    Lbs per(short) ton 2,000
    Tonnage delivered 4,893.8 tons

    Based on the above I am now qualified to be a going speech writer for…. say… Nancy Pelosi……

  8. Flash

    Too bad SJobs didn’t have the vision of enabling human travel in physical form rather than over airwaves. What we have are armchair travelers. We have the greatest ability to communicate but we are still using the wheel to get around. How high tech is that?

  9. Publius

    @ Distressed

    EV’s will never move the needle in your lifetime. Think about it, you are bourgeois. You have a Porsche and now you are going to buy a Tesla? So what is the great unwashed going to do if they can’t afford a subsidized EV??? Take a hybrid bus??? As for the oil company “subsidies” it looks like you have fallen for the liberal talking points. Those “subsidies” are called depreciation, amortization and depletion allowances that are available to any company. The reason why the oil companies use these allowances are because the exploration, production and refining of energy is VERY CAPITAL INTENSIVE. The manufacturer’s of those batteries than run those EV’s take the same allowances. Oh and btw the mining of those high value minerals has been outsourced to China because the process of extracting them is an environmental nightmare. Hey with a billion population you can afford to lose a few digging these minerals out with a spoon and bucket.

  10. Distressed

    If Elon is able to deliver the Model III and have that be priced at $35-$50k, then I think the EV market has a shot at significant expansion. Sure, it will still be a drop in the bucket market share wise, but at least it will be heading in the right direction.

  11. towny

    Holy smokes. Have you looked at the GM recall sheets? 28 million cars and trucks recalled. There is a 3 year wait for some replacement parts. Good thing Obama gave them an extra 10 billion in taxpayer funds. They are going to need it.